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Centenary Celebrations Event Schedule

We kick off the festivities in grandeur on 25th March in typical CCC-style with the big Centenary Celebrations Kick Off Party - and understandably the theme is the roaring 20s - think prohibition (thankfully something that isn't in effect at CCC),Peaky Blinders, the Great Gatsby et al. Dig out your flapper dresses and flat caps and let's get things off to a start with a bang.

This will be followed with the long-forgotten tradition of the cricket week (remember those?) with all corners and crevices of the club celebrated and getting a crack of the festivity whip.

We kick the week off nice and easy on Sunday 12th June, rolling out a fixture some of them may well have been around for in 1922 - they certainly were out in force at the last one in 2010 - the Chertsey Legends Day. The current premise is home Strollers v away Strollers, nursing home v nursing home by the sea if you will, so expect lots of japes, banter, "interesting" technique, and the odd star turn.

Monday evening is Ladies Night showcasing all the Ladies, Bluebirds, and Blueberries have to offer with an interclub match.

On Tuesday we see a new format come to town - walking cricket, advocated by President Mark Pulling. Walking cricket was developed as a new concept in 2019 and is an adaptation of the traditional game to suit those with less mobility and cater for different abilities. We're sold.

Wednesday there'll be a bit of glamour on offer as The Stage cricket team come to town, and with them a huge following of groupies no doubt. Who knows which thespians may turn the clubhouse corner - Ryan Gosling, Jason Statham, or Barry from Eastenders (we can dream),either way bring your autograph book and selfie stick - one not to miss.

Thursday is a huge night in the week - not only are the Social League in their rightful Thursday night home but they have a double celebration - they are also 25 years young this year - our baby is growing up fast.

Friday night sees possibly not the first appearance of the colts this week, but they are back in their OG position of a Friday night.

Saturday its the turn of the seniors seeing league commitments fulfilled and the 1st XI taking on Streatham & Marlborough at the ground, who themselves come from a rich history we'll have you know.

The week concludes with the jewel in our 100 Year Celebrations crown - a Chertsey XI v the Lord Taverners. The odd England legend isn't unfamiliar with the hallowed turf of the Edward Stern (hi Monty Panesar),and we don't want to confirm who we've got pencilled in (that carrot is for dangling later naturally) but its not one to miss - word on the street is we might see some quite prominent England legends, so i think you'll agree, we haven't quite seen a fixture as big as this in a long time. The week will then be topped off with as we began the schedule, with a good old CCC knees up, band and all.

You may think that would be enough to get through, but oh no, you know us, if we're doing it, we're doing it BIG - we also hear there will be a curious event running through the season called Cowpat Day, and the Chertsey Premier League aka the CPL will also be sprinkled with a little 100 magic...

To the right is the skeleton of the week, which is being fleshed out all the time, so as ever keep an eye via your Comms email and on the socials/website for all the most up to date info.

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Event Schedule

Friday 25th March -100 Year Celebrations Kick Off Party

Sunday 12th June - Chertsey Legends Day

Monday 13th June - Ladies Interclub Match

Tuesday 14th June - Chertsey CC v Walking Cricket

Wednesday 15th June - Chertsey CC v The Stage

Thursday 16th June - The Social League is 25

Friday 17th June - Colts Interclub Match

Saturday 18th June - 1s v Streatham & Marlborough in the League

Sunday 19th June - Chertsey CC v the Lords Taverners

Sunday 2nd October - Cowpat Day


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