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The “What To…Not To…How To…Where To..” Guide To Colts Day


Before You Arrive:

- If you or anyone within your household is self-isolating please DO NOT come to the club, and inform your age group coach immediately if it is a colt.

- If you or anyone within your household has any symptoms of Covid please DO NOT come to the club.

- Pack your “cric-nic” and bring rubbish bags to take rubbish home with you.

- Prepare for the weather (hat, sun cream etc….think positive!)

- Colts to wear training t-shirt and bring along a bat, no other equipment is needed as we’ll be playing with Incrediballs.


When You Arrive:

- Arrive at the club at 9.00, with matches starting at 9.30. Please arrive promptly as we won’t be delaying the start for late comers.

- Please walk to the club if you can, but if you have to drive, volunteers will be on hand to direct you where to park.

 - You will then be asked to scan the NHS QR code and sanitise your hands (please bring your own sanitiser if you can).

- You’ll be directed to enter the field by going around the back of the clubhouse, where you will go to your designated pitch. Please move to the pitch quickly and don’t congregate in the carpark.

- A parent/guardian MUST STAY ON SITE for the duration of the day. 


Structure Of The Day:

- Each age group will have been sent a link to our website (this very page) where you can see which team your colt has been assigned to below.

- We have 2 pools of 4 teams, with each group playing a series of round-robin matches, across 2 pitches.

- This means as parents, you don’t need to wonder around the ground to see your colt play.

- Our wonderful Captains and Coaches will direct the colts where/when to play their matches and also send them back to you for refreshments and/or breaks.

- Lunchbreak will be around 12.30-ish but it will depend on how the matches are going.

- Kate and our Bluecaps will be providing some lunchtime entertainment showing off their cricket skills.

- If times allows we will have semi-finals before…..the main event.

- The two winning teams from each group will then play a final….dun dun duh!!! With the winner being handed the Jim Denyer Colts Day Cup. We have finalist t-shirts for each team and will be giving it some CPL razzle-dazzle!

- There will then be an awards ceremony with trophies for best batter, fielder, bowler from each of the 8 teams.

- The burger van and ice cream truck will be on site for refreshments.

- The bar will be CLOSED until after the Colts Day Final. 

- Pavilion will be open for use of toilets, please wear a mask when you enter.

- Cricket nets will be off limits during the day.

- A one-way system will be in place for entering and exiting the ground. On arrival please access the field by going around the back of the clubhouse. To exit, please use the gap to the right of the clubhouse nets.


We are relying very heavily on your cooperation, understanding and help to make the day run smoothly. We are still working under strict Covid protocols which we all have a responsibility to follow for the welfare of everyone.



Here are your teams vying for the inaugural Jim Denyer Colts Day Cup... the very best of luck!

If you don’t see you child’s name but did register their availability before the cut off date (Friday 2nd July),please message Felix Reisch (Colts Manager) directly. We won’t be allowing players not registered to turn up and play on the day.


first half.jpg
second half.jpg


Pitch A - Football Ground Nets

Pitch B - Telephone Aerial

Pitch C - Clubhouse Nets

Pitch D - Mower Shed



The most important aspect of the day is enjoyment!

None of the colts need to feel any pressure - it’s all about having fun!

1Olympians v Jammie DodgersA
1Hurricanes v MayhemB
1Conquerors v LegendsC
1Crew v RaidersD
2Mayhem v OlympiansA
2Jammie Dodgers v HurricanesB
2Raiders v ConquerorsC
2Legends v CrewD
3Olympians v HurricanesA
3Mayhem v Jammie DodgersB
3Conquerors v CrewC
3Raiders v LegendsD
4Jammie Dodgers v OlympiansA
4Mayhem v HurricanesB
4Legends v ConquerorsC
4Raiders v Crew D
5Olympians v MayhemA
5Hurricanes v Jammie DodgersB
5Conquerors v RaidersC
5Crew v LegendsD
6Hurricanes v OlympiansA
6Jammie Dodgers v MayhemB
6Crew v ConquerorsC
6Legends v RaidersD
 Semi - Final 

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