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A Final Word From Chairman Nuti

A Final Word From Chairman Nuti

8 Jan 2024

This is my last AGM as chairman as I'm sure you know.

I've been around for a while now, in 1988 I was treasurer of the first 'Benefit Game' the club hosted and in 1991 was on the committee proper. I've been on and off the committee in various roles ever since.

In 1991 we had £1000 in the bank and £4000 in savings (bar profit 24%), I also noted in the minutes of the July meeting that year that Warren 'Helmet' Fraser still hadn't paid his subs !!

In 2003 we had just £750 in the bank with debts of £3750 immediately payable - look at us now with nearly £60000 !! A slight improvement - thanks in the main to committee members past and present who were prepared to look to the future and improve, expand and change the way we operate.

I took over from Sue Broughton as secretary in 2008 (10years) and then as chairman from Chris in 2018 season (6 years), following in my Dad's footsteps who was Chairman back in the late 80's.

I've seen a huge amount of change over 39 years at CCC recently the club extension project happened - new nets have been built  - and catering at a level thats now the talk of the town!

I wanted to do more; the clubhouse needs updating and the bar needs a total overhaul but alas my time has run out. 

I hope the club can embrace change over the coming years , we are a community club and we need to invest our money in facilities for future generations - as someone once said there are better things ahead than we ever leave behind -  the club isn't the walls , the ground or the bar, its you and me and all the members that have enjoyed it and will enjoy it over many decades to come.

If selected I will hope to play a bit this year and will be investing in a new helmet !!

I wish my successor every success going forward, there is plenty of energy and talent around to take this club to even greater heights. I will finish with an unfamiliar quote by the great Winnie The Pooh !!

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard."