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Roll of Honour

View the Chertsey Cricket Club Roll of Honour below.


1972 - Winners Oatland Sixes
1975 - Winners South Middlesex North Surrey League
1976 - Winners South Middlesex North Surrey League

1982 - Winners Oatland Sixes
1985 - Joint Winners Lee 1975 League

1995 - Runners Up Surrey Championship Division III
2003 - Winners Thameside Sunday League Division I
2005 - Runners Up Surrey Championship Division V
2011 - West Surrey Youth Cricket League Under 11 League Cup Champions

2013 - Winners Surrey County League Premier Division for 1st XI

2013 - Winners Fullers 20/20 Winners
2016 - Winners Surrey Championship Division 4 for 2nd XI
2016 - Winners Surrey Championship Division West for 4th XI

2016 - Runners Up Surrey Championship Division West for 3rd XI
2017 - Winners Surrey Championship Division 3 for 2nd XI

2017 - Runners Up Surrey Championship West Division for 3rd XI
2018 - Winners Surrey Championship Divisions for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd XI sides

2021 - Runners Up Surrey Championship Division 4 for 1st XI

2021 - Winners Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - Under 10 Tier 2 Sunday West 

2021 - Runners Up Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - Under 11 Tier 3 Midweek East 

2021 - Winners Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - Under 12 Tier 3 Sunday Central 

2021 - Winners Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - Under 14 Tier 2 Sunday West 

2021 - Runners Up Surrey Junior Cricket Championship - Under 14 Tier 3 Midweek Central

2022 - Winners - Under 12 Development Tier 3 West

Honours Board




  • 154 Kobe Allison - Nomads (5th May) for Sunday XI
  • 123 Tom Bolger - 123 v Farnham (Sat 1st June 2019) for 3rd XI
  • 112 Paul Hardwick - 112 v Valley End (8th June) for 2nd XI
  • 110 Cade Skelton v Friends Eleven (4th August) for Sunday XI
  • 109 Kobe Allison v Cobham Avorians (6th July) for 1st XI
  • 102* Jack Harris v Strollers (14th September) 


  • 6/12 Luke Westcott v Bourne Stars (21st May) for Meads Enforcers
  • 6/14 Luke Westcott v Haslemere (11th May) for 1st XI
  • 6/20 Dan Roberts v Gogmore Knights (28th July) for Meads Enforcers
  • 6/22 Jamie Anthony v Dorking (15th June) for 2nd XI
  • 6/32 Will Cooper v Cobham Avorian (7th Sept) for 1st XI
  • 5/3 Joe Clarke v Weybridge Vandals (17th Aug) for 4th XI 
  • 5/7 Joe Clarke v Staines & Laleham (15th June) for 4th XI
  • 5/10 Ed Marsh v Windsor (8th Aug) for Under 13s
  • 5/30 Kobe Allison v Maori Oxshott (20th July) for 1st XI
  • 5/32 Jacob Loveridge v Hampton Wick (1st June) for 1st XI
  • 5/34 Hugh Aish-Lyons v Valley End (22nd June) for 3rd XI
  • 5/37 Stuart Eagles v Old Rutlishians (7th Sept) for 2nd XI



  • 128 Hugh Aish-Lyons v Phoenix (23rd August) for Sunday team
  • 127 Hugh Aish-Lyons v Putney (13th September) for Sunday XI
  • 109 Bill Pulling v Teddington Town (18th July) for 2nd XI
  • 103 Daniel Perks v Phoenix (23rd August) for Sunday XI


  • 5-37 John Bailey v Kempton (5th September) for 2nd XI



  • 106* Felix Reisch v Normandy (8th May) for 4th XI
  • 103* Jake Taylor v Vishwa (25th April) for Sunday XI


  • 6/12 Joe Clarke v Thames Ditton (15th May) for 3rd XI
  • 6/23 Jamie Anthony v Haslemere (8th May) for 1st XI
  • 6/32 Jacob Loveridge v Staines & Laleham (24th July) for 1st XI
  • 5/4 Josh Jackman v Old Pauline (26th June) for 1st XI
  • 5/11 Will Cooper v Staines & Laleham (11th May) for 1st XI (T20)
  • 5/21 Amy Bailey v Walton on Thames (16th May) for Ladies (Surrey Slam)
  • 5/27 Joe Clarke v Old Hamptonians (8th May) for 3rd XI
  • 5/27 Hugh Aish-Lyons v Farnham (19th June) for 2nd XI
  • 5/29 Jamie Anthony v Purley (3rd July) for 1st XI



  • 146 Liam Fisher v RNVR (4th September) for Sunday XI
  • 125 Josh Fyfe v The Blues (17th September) Friendly
  • 112* Dave Sloan v Gogmore Knights for Grove Armada (CPL100)
  • 111 Shyam Patel v Old Isleworthians (5th June) for Sunday XI
  • 119 Vishnu Remesh v Vishwa (24th April) for Sunday XI
  • 109* Hugh Aish-Lyons v Christchurch (3rd July) for Sunday XI
  • 107* Ben Hanger v Bourne Stars for Meads Enforcers (CPL100)
  • 104* Sam Toone v The Stage (15th June) 100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week
  • 101 Jake Taylor v Cheam (14th May) for 1st XI


  • 6/21 Shyam Patel v Old Isleworthians (5th June) for Sunday XI
  • 6/35 Ravi Patel v Epsom (6th August) for 2nd XI
  • 5/4 Josh Hawksley v Farnham (24th July) for U14s
  • 5/8 James Pearson v Epsom (9th July) for 3rd XI
  • 5/10 Ethan Austin v Normandy (20th August) for 3rd XI
  • 5/13 Freddy Bachmann v Royal Ascot (1st May) for U15s
  • 5/17 James Pearson v Hampton Wick Royal (23rd July) for 3rd XI
  • 5/20 Arthur Walmsley v Eversley (17th July) for Sunday XI
  • 5/22 Jamie Anthony v RNVR (4th September) for Sunday XI
  • 5/23 Stuart Eagles v Dorking (21st May) for 2nd XI
  • 5/25 Steve Reynolds v Shepperton (14th May) for 4th XI
  • 5/25 Aidan Cassin v Hampton Wick Royal (23rd July) for 4th XI
  • 5/28 Ammad Zulfikar v Woking & Horsell (11th June) for 3rd XI
  • 5/36 Jacob Loveridge v Worcester Park (6th August) for 1st XI
  • 5/36 Ravi Patel v Ashford (18th June) for 2nd XI
  • 5/37 Jacob Loveridge v Hampton Wick Royal (30th July) for 1st XI
  • 5/42 Shyam Patel v Woking & Horsell (9th July) for 1st XI
  • 5/52 Ravi Patel v Oxted & Limpsfield (25th June) for 2nd XI 



  • 151 Jake Taylor v Spencer (18th June) for Sunday XI
  • 129 Hugh Aish-Lyons (20th August) for Sunday XI
  • 109 Liam Fisher v Old Hamptonians (1st July) for 4th XI
  • 107 Shyam Patel v Butterflies (11th June) for Sunday XI
  • 105* Cade Skelton v Farnham (20th May) for 2nd XI
  • 103 Shyam Patel v Egham (9th July) for Sunday XI
  • 101 Greg Burton v Farnham (20th May) for 2nd XI 


  • 7/29 Adam Thaliwal v Weybridge (17th June) for 4th XI
  • 6/6 John Bailey v Staines & Laleham (10th June) for 4th XI
  • 6/14 Ravi Patel v Old Isleworthians (30th April) for Sunday XI
  • 6/39 Ed Marsh v President's XI (16th July) 
  • 5/10 Will Cooper v Bourne Stars (28th May) for Gogmore Knights (CPL7)
  • 5/14 Edith Schofield v Kingstonian (8th July) for 4th XI
  • 5/17 Ravi Patel v Knotty Green (2nd July) for Sunday XI
  • 5/20 Vishnu Remesh v Kingstonian (13th May) for 3rd XI
  • 5/22 Cade Skelton v Addiscombe (1st July) for 1st XI
  • 5/25 James Harrison v Worcester Park (14th May) for Sunday XI
  • 5/26 Luke Westcott v Epsom (15th July) for 2nd XI
  • 5/29 Jacob Loveridge v Leatherhead (24th June) for 1st XI
  • 5/17 Jacob Loveridge v Epsom (15th July) for 1st XI

1898 - 1933 - Sir E.D. Stern
1934 - 1936 - Lord Camrose

1937 - 1944 - J.A. Tulk JP, C.C.

1945 - 1955 - S.A. Wylde

1956 - 1961 - C.J. "Tommy" Little
1962 - 1965 - A.E. Wells

1969 - 1978 - A.F. "Nip" Taylor

1979 - 1981 - A.E. Stanley

1982 - 1984 - Rev G.S. Archibald
1985 - 1986 - L.C.H. Dodd

1988 - 1992 - Mrs E.M. Sanger

1993 - 2012 - Cllr. P.H.L. Boast B.E.M.

2013 - 2015 - M.R. Wells

2016 - 2017 - J.G. Russell

2018 - 2019 - J Denyer
2020 - 2022 - M Pulling

2023 -           - R Dodd


Life Vice Presidents


Vice Presidents

M Allen

J.A. Chapman

J Denyer

R.I. Dodd

E.A. Genet

J.G. Russell

J.W. Ryan

Mrs E.M. Sanger

M.E. Sanger

M Shepherd

C Smith

M Wells

F Avery

S.J. Bailey

T.P. Beer

Mrs A Bell

Mrs A.M. Boast

P.P.L. Boast

Mrs S.J. Broughton

B Byrne

C.J. Challis

L Chatfield

S.P. Chennery

D Embury

B Foskett

A French

R Hanger

P Jay

J Kedzie

C Norman

F Norris

Mrs F.J. Nuti

M.G. Nuti

K O'Keefe

D Perks

Mrs W Perks

M Pulling

R Redmond

G Russell

P Russell

G.G. Smith

C Taylor

F Reisch


Awards Winners

Colts & Girls

  Under 7s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved
2018 Zach Edwards Nathan Osborn Tommy Hawksley
  Under 8s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved
2017 Sienna Austin Freya Edwards Kit Schofield
2018 Jasper Henton Charlie Norris Matthew Vosper
2019 Max Toogood Scott Russell Charlie Grant

Fintan Feury

Finn Weeks

Aaron Mehra

2023 Aaron Mehra Maximus Redmond Ellie Jeffries
  Under 9s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved
2002 George Frith Charlie Chapman Henry Taylor
2007 David Sloan/Harry Nuti Joe Blanks/William Dean Amish Vagdama
2009 Fin Lloyd Adam Robertson Ryan Boast
2010 Sullivan Nuti/Jack Perks Harrison Barnard/Kieran Lowe Callum Kenny/Joel Wingrove
2016 Will Morris Thijs Wjingaarden Ethan Austin
2017 Cian Chalmers Sidney Longman Ehys Edwards
2018 Kit Schofield Adam Osborn Sienna Austin
2019 Luke Woodham Enan Parmar Lola Hubbard
2020 Max Toogood Nathan Osborn Harry Mann
2022 Owen Jeffries Albert Edwards Henry Puddle-Martin
2023 Ferran Ambrose Louis Barton-Wright Henry Luke
  Under 10s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Player of the Year
2003 George Frith/Bradley Thomas Jack Chapman Jacob Loveridge  
2004 Ryan Johnson Arun Godwin-Patel Elliot Wignall  
2006 Tom Latham Jack Sherwood Cade Skelton  
2007 Cade Skelton Jack Beard Jack Beard  
2008 Andrew Wright Dan Perks Charlie Summers  
2009 David Sloan Charlie Ellis Icel Webb  
2010 Tommy Duffy Tom Drage Ryan Boast  
2011 Nick Hayes Harrison Barnard James Burshill  
2012 Thomas Willingale Owen Burton Liam Fisher  
2013 Cameron Wakefield Ollie Bell Troy Bolger  
2015 Max Graham George Wallace    
2016 Charlie Eagles/Archie Gower James Barnes/Joe Sandell Aidan Kyriacos/William Nolan  
2017 Arthur Walmsley   Ethan Austin  
2018 Jask Reisch Sidney Longman Aidan Cassin  
2019 Luke Russell Noah Reynolds Sienna Austin  
2020 Enan Parmar Lola Hubbard Archie Bailey  
2022 See U9s  
2023 Ben Maher Lewis Gayfer Max Haynes
  Under 11s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Performance of the Season Hat Trick Award
1994 Tom Sheridan Scott Daly Andrew Fraser    
1995 Jonathon Dodd Chris Wells Paul Field    
1996 Stephen Twist David Chatfield Conor O'Sullivan    
1997 Stephen Eagles Chris Ludolf      
1998 Aleck Jha Ashley Blanchard John Sewell    
1999 John Sewell Tom Keenan Adam Greggor    
2000 Chris Neale Joe Griffiths Tom Keenan    
2001 Andrew Ford Jamie Chapman Sam Kent    
2002 Chris Neale James Beeken Mark Goodman    
2003 Ben Hanger Jacob Loveridge Ben Chapman    
2004 George Frith Jack Chapman Bradley Thomas    
2007 Tom Latham Jack Drage Craig Cook    
2008 Jack Harris/Jack Lloyd John Bailey/Taylor Aspinall Jamie Anthony/Jack Ward    
2009 David Sloan George Smith Luke Robertson/Joe Blanks    
2010 David Sloan Jack Copeman-Hill Bilal Khaleel    
2011 Tommy Duffy Ryan Boast Tommy Duffy    
2012 Jack Perks Eddie Smith Ben Moody    
2013 Ben Vassell Joel Wingrove Liam Fisher    
2014 Troy Bolger Amit Bose Cameron Wakefield    
2015 Max Graham Alfie Gower      
2017 Charlie Eagles Mae Pender-Greib Max Manning & Henry Edwards    
2018 Thjis Wjingaarden Ed Marsh Ben Chapman    
2019 Matthew Barnes Jack Reisch Barnaby Rowe    
2020 Noah Reynolds Adam Osborne Luke Russell   Freya Edwards
2022 Scott Russell Tommy Hawksley Riley Kinge/Oscar Toogood/Jess McNae/Charlie Grant Ben Rees
2023 See U10s
  Under 12s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Player of the Season
2003 Chris Neale Jamie Chapman Sam Kent  
2005 George Andrews George Frith Oliver James  
2008 Jack Drage Craig Cook Ryan Bell  
2009 John Bailey/Joe McRob Jack Sherwood/Jack Ward Jamie Anthony  
2010 Josh Jackman Charlie Summers Dan Perks  
2011 Tommy Duffy Adam Robertson David Sloan  
2012 Tommy Duffy/Adam Burge Matt Hayter/Tom Rees Finlay Lloyd/Molly Sellars  
2013 Jack Perks William Blair Harrison Barnard  
2014 Liam Fisher Joe Lowden Ben Vassell  
2015 Troy Bolger Cameron Wakefield Henry Treasure  
2016 Alfie Gower Ollie Sandall Elliot Chisholm  
2017 Alfie Gower Oliver Sandwell Max Graham/Ewan Cassin  
2018 Alex Melham Charlie Eagles Herbie Chenery  
2019 Ed Marsh/Seb Ballantine/James Lenaghan Ethan Austin/Dylan Pandaya Arthur Walmsley  
2020 Barnaby Rowe Josh Hawksley Maff Barnes  
2022 Kit Schofield Enan Parmar Willem Warden  
2023 Max Toogood (League)/MJ Reisch (Dev) Harry Mann (League)/Riley Kinge (Dev) Elise Perry (Dev) Leo Toogood (League)
  Under 13s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Player's Player Player of the Season
1994 Paul Weatherall David Thacker James Collinge    
1995 Tom Sheridan Andrew Fraser Scott Daly    
1996 Scott Daly Chris Wells James Porter    
1997 Jonathon Dodd Chris Wells Michael Paul    
1998 Jonathon Dodd Luke Westcott Andrew Sheridan    
1999 David Chatfield Stephen Bruce James Greggor    
2000 James Baldwin Daniel Porter John Sewell    
2001 Tom Sewell Dan Firth Joe Griffiths    
2002 Kieran Gawley Josh Loveridge Tom Keenan    
2004 Jake Stokoe Sam Kent Chris Neale    
2005 Ben Hanger Jacob Loveridge Ben Hanger    
2006 George Frith Jacob Loveridge Oliver James    
2010 Jack Harris Jack Sherwood Jamie Anthony    
2011 Andrew Knight Ravi Patel Luke Robertson    
2012 David Sloan Ryan Herbert Tommy Duffy    
2013 Molly Sellars Sam Harvey Josh Palmer    
2014 Ben Moody Trishul Patel Harrison Barnard    
2015 Liam Fisher Fin Rose-Davies Kojo Asamoah    
2016 Troy Bolger Cameron Wakefield      
2019 Tyler Wright William Nolan Rosie Barnes    
2020 Arthur Walmsley Felix Labaki Josh Fyfe & Dylan Pandya Arthur Walmsley Ed Marsh
2022 Dylan Gamble Adam Osborn Luke Russell
2023 Enan Parmar Kit Schofield Riley Morris
  Under 14s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Player of the Season
2003 Michael Smith Gareth Hunt Thomas Keenan  
2006 Ben Hanger James Richards Jake Taylor  
2007 Chas Chapman George Frith Jacob Loveridge  
2010 Craig Cook John Bailey Jack Drage  
2011 Cade Skelton Jack Sherwood Jamie Anthony  
2012 Luke Robertson Josh Jackman Charlie Summers/George Smith  
2013 David Sloan Bilal Khaleel Elliot Bloomfield  
2014 Elliot Bloomfield/Alex L'wood-Graham Tom Drage/Josy Palmer Ryan Boast/Tommy Duffy/Olver Zakka  
2015 Jack Perks/Ben Moody Harrison Barnard Sean Blair  
2016 Liam Fisher Callum Hennessey Thomas Willingale  
2017 Troy Bolger Cameron Wakefield Thomas Leacock/Thomas Penman  
2022 Adam Thaliwal Edith Schofield Aidan Cassin  
2023 Dylan Gamble Freya Edwards Luke Russell
  Under 15s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved Player of the Season
1994 Keith Gray Wesley Mullett    
1995 Adam Cox James Collinge    
1996 James Collinge Gary Watson    
1997 Scott Daly Greg Burton    
1998 Scott Daly Peter Nichols    
1999 Luke Westcott Chris Wells    
2000 Luke Westcott Nick Johnson & Jonathan Siah    
2001 David Chatfield Liam Hill    
2002 Dan Frith Stephen Hardwick Dan Porter  
2003 Ian Stephenson Josh Loveridge Gareth Hart  
2004 Thomas Keenan Joe Griffiths Conal Butler  
2005 Jack Saxton      
2006 Chris Neale Chris Moore Mark Goodman  
2007 Ben Hanger Jack Ogle Ben Hanger  
2008 Will Bridger Jacob Loveridge George Frith  
2009 Cade Skelton Jack Drage Adam Holmwood  
2011 Jack Harris Jack Drage Cade Skelton  
2012 Lewis Mallett John Bailey Jamie Anthony  
2013 Luke Robertson Josh Jackman Harry Nuti/Ravi Patel  
2015 Tommy Duffy Tom Drage Oliver Zakka  
2017 Fin Rose-Davies Joel Wingrove Liam Fisher  
2022 Ethan Austin Josh Fyfe Ed Marsh
2023 Aidan Cassin Josh Hawksley Edie Schofield

Butterflies (U9 Girls)

Blueberries (U15 Girls)

Bluebirds (U17 Girls)



Player of the Season/Most Improved



Player of the Season/Best Player

Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved
2019             Lilly Rowe Ciara Cassin Libby Reynolds
2022 Jenna van Niekerk Sienna Austin Edie Schofield & Freya Edwards
2023 Freya Huet Eloise Mann Amelia Mann Sienna Austin Lexie Fewell Freya Edwards
  Under 17s
  Batting Bowling Best Cricketer/Most Improved
1994 Chris Jones Paul Full  
1995 Richard Ley Kevin Watson  
1996 Matt Gibb Francis Dolan  
1997 Richard Tarrant Daniel Shepherd  
1998 Daniel Shepherd Greg Burton  
2016 Tommy Duffy Tom Drage/Ryan Boast Tom Bolger
  Best Colt in WSCL Best Colt Performance Best Colt in Senior Cricket Best Team Player Colts Chairman Award
    Terry Perks Trophy Len Boast Trophy Sue Broughton Trophy  
1994   Richard Ley Keith Gray    
1995   Adam Cox James Collinge    
1996   Gareth Lowe James Collinge    
1997   Francis Dolan Stuart Eagles    
1998   Sam Cole Greg Burton    
1999 Stephen Eagles Frank Keenan Luke Westcott    
2000 Stephen Eagles Stephen Eagles Paul Frith    
2001 Stephen Eagles Frank Keenan James Baldwin    
2003   Gareth Hart Dan Porter    
2004   Tom Keenan James Baldwin    
2005   Callum Chitsal Jamie Chapman    
2006   Andrew Ford Sam Kent Kurren Varma  
2007   Callum Chittal Ben Hanger Lewis Collins  
2008   Ollie James Jacob Loveridge George Wales  
2009   Jamie Anthony Jacob Loveridge/Ben Hanger Craig Cook  
2010   Jamie Anthony Cade Skelton Anish Vhadama  
2011   Harry Nuti Jamie Anthony Jack Lloyd  
2012   John Bailey Josh Jackman Jack Ward  
2013   Mitch Smith/Ryan Boast   Dan Perks  
2014   Joe Blanks   Jack Lloyd  
2015   Ollie Short   Fin Lloyd  
2016   Molly Sellars Tom Bolger Fin Lloyd  
2017   Tom Drage   Liam Fisher  
2018     Cameron Wakefield/Troy Bolger    
2019   Max Graham Troy Bolger James Barnes  
2020         Mary O'Farrell
2022 Josh Hawksley Arthur Walmsley & James Pearson Marc Jeffries
2023 Max Toogood Aidan Cassin Maff Barnes Claire Wright

Seniors and Ladies

  1st XI
  Batting Bowling League Performance Player's Player
1991 Geoff Stilwell P Boast    
1992 Geoff Stilwell P Boast    
1993 C Davies P Boast & S Bussey    
1994 Geoff Stilwell Phil Boast/Steve Bussey    
1995 Geoff Stilwell/Rory O'Keefe Phil Boast    
1996 Phillip Jay Phil Boast    
1997 Steve Bussey/Brendan Byrne Phil Boast/Cephas Taylor    
1998 Phillip Jay Phil Boast    
1999 Phillip Jay Phil Boast    
2000 Chris Clayton Cephas Taylor    
2001 Darryl Hattingh/Matt Gibbs Steve Bussey    
2002 Darryl Hattingh Phil Boast    
2003 Chris Clayton Phil Boast    
2004 Darryl Hattingh Daniel Shepherd    
2005 Darryl Hattingh Daniel Shepherd    
2006 Will Lindsay Luke Westcott    
2007 Brendan Byrne Daniel Shepherd    
2008 Pat Mackerel Phil Boast    
2009 Brendan Byrne Greg Burton    
2010 Karthik Menon Greg Burton    
2011 Karthik Menon Will Cooper    
2012 Karthik Menon Greg Burton    
2013 Karthik Menon Zeeshan Mehtab    
2014 Karthik Menon Will Cooper/Greg Burton    
2015 Steve Knight Jack Ogle    
2016 Zeeshan Mehtab Leon Van Vuuren    
2017 Wade Cupido Jacob Loveridge Zeeshan Mehtab  
2018 Dave Risk/Greg Burton Jacob Loveridge/Will Cooper    
2019 Greg Burton Jack Ogle Jake Taylor  
2020 Greg Burton Luke Westcott/Will Cooper    
2021 Karthik Menon Jamie Anthony  

Will Cooper

2022 Jake Taylor Jacob Loveridge    


David Sloan Jacob Loveridge David Sloan  
  2nd XI
  Batting Bowling League Performance Player's Player
1991 J Russell S Chennery/S Bussey    
1992 A Full M Pulling    
1993   M Nuti    
1994 Finbar O'Keefe Paul Russell    
1995 John Chapman Mick Shepherd    
1996 Mark Pulling & Martin Allen      
1997 Matt Gibbs Tim Head    
1998 Martin Allen/Mark Pulling      
1999 John Chapman Bruce Raeside    
2000 Chris Smith Daniel Shepherd    
2001 Chris Smith Daniel Shepherd    
2002 Stuart Eagles Paul Russell    
2003 Sam Cole David Butler    
2004 Matt Gibbs Paul Russell    
2005 James Collinge Matt Peruter    
2006 Steve Bussey Matt Peruter/David Chatfield    
2007 Lee Houghton Matt Peruter    
2008 Mark Nuti Stuart Eagles    
2009 Tim Beer Matt Peruter    
2010 Tim Beer & Jake Taylor Mark Nuti    
2011 Phil Boast Stuart Eagles    
2012 Ben Hanger Mark Nuti    
2013 Jake Taylor Phil Boast    
2014 Jake Taylor Josh Jackman    
2015 Phil Boast Josh Jackman/Stuart Eagles    
2016 Steve Bussey Jamie Chapman    
2017 Phil Boast Josh Jackman & Tom Drage James Richards  
2018 Steve Bussey Stuart Eagles Tom Drage  
2019 David Sloan Josh Jackman Stuart Eagles  
2020 James Baldwin John Bailey    
2021 James Baldwin Hugh Aish-Lyons   Hugh Aish-Lyons
2022 Paul Hardwick Ravi Patel    
2023 Matthew Wiggins Troy Bolger Cade Skelton and Greg Burton  
  3rd XI
  Batting Bowling League Performance Player's Player
1991 M Wells F Norris    
1992 V Field R Ballerino    
1993 K Guichard S Bell    
1994 Chris Smith Dave Butler    
1995 Andy French Russell Jones    
1996 John Russell Andy French    
1997 Harry Harbridge Daniel Shepherd    
1998 Bob Hanger Bob Hanger    
1999 Lee Houghton Stuart Chenery    
2000 Harry Harbridge Stuart Chenery    
2001 Bob Hanger Stuart Chenery    
2002 Paul Erasmus Bruce Raeside    
2003 Andy Powlesland James Kent    
2004 Paul Erasmus Dan Frith    
2005 Paul Dutoit Stuart Chenery    
2006 Chris Smith Mark Nuti    
2007 Sam Cole Geoff Frith    
2008 Dan Frith Stephen Avery    
2009 James Baldwin Jeff Frith    
2010 Chris Smith Stephen Avery    
2011 Martin Allen Simon Smith    
2012 Martin Allen Mark Pulling    
2013 Kevin O'Flynn Mark Pulling    
2014 David Sloan Stuart Eagles    
2015 Bijay  Bruce Raeside    
2016 Tommy Duffy Hugh Aish-Lyons    
2017 Josh Loveridge John Bailey John Bailey  
2018 David Sloan Cameron Wakefield Tom Bolger  
2019 Liam Fisher Hugh Aish-Lyons Tom Bolger  
2020 Lee Houghton Jack Lloyd Charlie Eagles  
2021 Phil Boast Joe Clarke   Josh Fyfe
2022 Ethan Austin Ammad Zulfikar    
2023 Elliott Bloomfield Joe Clarke Tom Christofani  
  4th XI
  Batting Bowling League Performance/Most Improved Player of the Year Player's Player
1998       Robert Lifford  
1999       Steve Avery  
2000       Steve Avery  
2001       Adam Powlesland  
2002       James Baldwin  
2003       Matt Wiggins  
2004       Martin Glaister  
2005       Martin Glaister  
2006       Josh Loveridge  
2007       James Ogle  
2008       Charlie Chapman  
2009       Jack Chapman  
2010       Cade Skelton  
2011 Craig Cook Craig Cook      
2012 Dan Perks John Bailey      
2013 Charlie Summers Tom Drage      
2014 Dan Perks Tom Drage      
2015 Tommy Duffy Tom Drage      
2016 Sam Toone John Bailey      
2017 Neil Latham Mark Pulling Shaun Smith    
2018 Craig Skelton Hugh Aish-Lyons David Sloan    
2019 Josh Loveridge Amy Bailey Joe Clarke    
2020 Arthur Walmsley Ethan Austin Josh Fyfe    
2021 Felix Reisch Steve Reynolds   Dylan Pandya  
2022 Charlie Eagles Steve Reynolds      
2023 Adam Thaliwal Connaill Keating Liam Fisher    
  Best Batting Best Bowling Coaches Choice Player's Player Most Improved Batsman Most Improved Bowler Most Improved
2016 Wendy Bolger Katie Weston         Amber Khaleel
2017 Lucy Weber Claire Wright   Katie Weston      
2018 Kate Harvey Beth Bailey   Beth Bailey