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I wanted to start by wishing everyone a Happy New Year and join the collective finger-crossing that 2021 will be an "unbeaten double century" compared to 2020’s “bowled first ball shouldering arms”.

It’s my unfortunate tasks to deliver the bad, if unsurprising, news following our return to national lockdown.
It was always our intention to start winter nets as soon as Government, ECB and facility restrictions would allow. I spoke to two of the schools we hire indoor nets with on Monday morning and they both indicated they were closed to external bookings for the foreseeable future. This was obviously cemented in place with Boris’s announcement on Monday evening.

I’m sure no-one needs reminding of the severity of the state we are in with regards Covid-19, and so as a club we have reluctantly but sensibly taken the decision to cancel all winter nets.
I know this will come as a disappointment but the decision has really been taken out of our hands, due to the current climate.

We will continue to monitor the situation, and if there is any change, we will react accordingly.
We will also be looking at starting the outdoor season early - weather and a few other factors permitting and again we will notify you as/when that decision is made.

Until then practice when and where you can, watch lots of cricket and we’ll see you at the club soon.

Mark (Newts) Nuti 

Chairman CCC

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League Table

Divisions - Division 4 - 1st XI League

1 Chertsey CC Chertsey CC 2 40
2 Hampton Wick Royal CC Hampton Wick Royal CC 2 40
3 Haslemere CC Haslemere CC 2 23
4 Maori Oxshott CC Maori Oxshott CC 2 23
5 Old Pauline CC Old Pauline CC 2 22
6 Staines & Laleham CC Staines & Laleham CC 2 22
7 Old Emanuel CC Old Emanuel CC 2 20
8 Purley CC Purley CC 2 20
9 Kempton CC Kempton CC 2 4
10 Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian CC Trinity Mid-Whitgiftian CC 2 1

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