2024 Membership is Open!


Existing members will receive a renewal notification on 1st April 2024 via Spond.


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2024 Membership is Open!

In 2024 our Membership fees have been frozen at 2023 prices.


The 2024 window open if you are new to CCC and want to join. New members can fill out the New Members Application Form below selecting the membership you need (existing members renewing can follow the link on their renewal email via Spond). This will then take you through to payment. Once approved you will receive an email to confirm you're a fully paid up member of the Club! 


Existing members will receive a renewal notification from Spond on 1st April - you then have until 30th April to complete.




2024 Usual Membership Rates

Annual Subscriptions


Senior Members (Over 21)    


Intermediate Members (18-21)    £80
Junior Members (Under 18)    £60

2nd/3rd/4th Junior Members

Same Family)    

Blue Caps (School Year 1)    £35
Chertsey Ladies (Playing)

Social Member (Playing)

(can play Social League and up to 4 Club matches over the season)


Social Membership x1 (Non Playing)    

Social Team Membership£250

Membership FAQs

Please forward your request or email membership@chertseycc.org.uk directly with your details and the membership type you need and we can send you a new request.

The playing member or parent/guardian will receive a payment request via the Spond app. Any non-playing, social or parent member will receive a request via email. Please check both your Spond app and email. If no request has been received please email membership@chertseycc.org.uk.

Stop! You cannot play over four league games (these tend to be on a Saturday or Sunday) without upgrading your membership. This must be done before confirming your availability. Please contact membership@chertseycc.org.uk with your details and we will send you a new payment requedt to upgrade to a Playing member.

Only members receive these, so you would need to complete a membership. All messages are sent via the Spond app,and app users will receive a notification in their app (so make sure you turn on notifications),non-app users will receive an email. If your email address has changed please change this at the renewal stage or email membership@chertseycc.org.uk.

Colts will receive either a blue training shirt or cap as part of their membership which needs to be collected at signing on night (April 15th or 19th, 6pm to 8pm) at the club, but Seniors, Ladies, and Intermediate playing members will receive a rebate on one Masuri-branded playing shirt in the 2024 season redeemable at the bar. 

Colts teams will also have a number of playing shirts available to them, but parents will be expected to buy trousers.

Buy kit here: https://teamwear.nxt-sports.com/shop/chertsey-cc

No, in the current financial climate we have held the 2023 pricing over until 2024 - we continue to check pricing against other clubs and review the "cost of cricket" to ensure any members (or potential members) are getting the best rate to enjoy the club and its facilities. 

Yes - any Colt(s) signed on must also have a parent or guardian signed up too (whether this be Social or Playing memberships) as:


1. We need to have a contact for the Colt

2. So you can use the member's facilities such as the bar 

3. We can communicate with you about any club stuff

4. We need a contact for payment of any match fees or subs