Chertsey Premier League

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Possibly the most famous CPL since that other one in the Caribbean, Chertsey's version of the Indian Premier League, now in its 5th season, the Chertsey Premier League (see what we did there).

Expect capers, loud kit, loud music, and excellent cricket, showcasing the creme de la creme of Chertsey CC.


So, what’s it all about? Well, here’s everything you need to know:

  • The CPL is made up of four franchises, in no particular order Bourne Stars, Grove Armada, Meads Enforcers, and Gogmore Knights. Teams play double-header matches one Sunday a month.
  • It's a round-robin format, with two matches each Matchday, with a finals day held in August.
  • An auction night is held at the beginning of each season to officially fill the roster of each team.
  • Franchises can approach sponsors to help fund playing shirts and kit.

CPL2021 Rules

From CPL2021 the tournament will be adopting the Power Surge from Big Bash franchise league. This means a 4 over mandatory power play at the start of the innings with 2 players outside the circle. A further 2 over power play can be taken from the 10th over, with two fielders outside the circle, the batting side decide on when to take this or if they forget they will need to use it in the 19th & 20th overs - use it or lose it Captains!

During fielding restrictions 4 players can be outside the circle.

All no balls will result in free hits.

4 points for a win.

Bonus points to the loser for taking 6 wickets or scoring 120 runs. 1 point for each and possible to get max. 2 points.

Each team can have a Luxury player - 3 maximum though – 2 players are allowed from outside CCC and with 1 bona- fide Chertsey Legend on top of this.


The CPL2021 fixtures will be held this season on the following dates, so pencil them into your diary, once we've drawn who's playing who in the rounds, they'll be listed below.

30th April - CPL Auction Night

30th May - Round 1

27th June - Round 2

25th July - Round 3

29th August - Finals Day



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Grove Armada cut.png
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Luke Robertson

Sponsored by:

Kit Colours:

Pink shirt, blue cap




2020 Squad:

Benjamin Chapman

Bethany Bailey

Cade Skelton

Chris Smith

Cian Chalmers

Craig Skelton

David Sloan

Dylan Bailey

Dylan Pandya

Edward Marsh

Elliot Bloomfield

Finlay Lloyd

Freddie Treasure

Freddie White

Greg Burton

Harry Nuti

Hugh Aish-Lyons

Jack Perks

James Barnes

Josh Hawksley

Keira Foley

Mae Pender-Grieb

Mark Lemon

Mark Nuti

Matthew Wiggins

Max Graham

Nick Barnes

Ryan Foley

Sam Toone

Stuart Grieb



James Richards

Sponsored by:

Kit Colours:

Red shirt, black cap


Winners 2018


2020 Squad:

Alex Melham
Amy Bailey
Barnaby Rowe
Bill Pulling
Bruce Raeside
Charlie Eagles
Daniel Perks
Dylan Moseley
Felix Reisch
Herbie Chenery
Jack Ogle
Jack Reisch
Jake Taylor
James Baldwin
James Pearson
James Tindall
Jamie Anthony
Joe Clarke
Kit Schofield
Luke Russell
Martin Glaister
Mickey Grigg
Richard Cable
Rosie Barnes
Sidney Longman
Sienna Austin
Stuart Eagles
Will Turner
William Nolan
Zeeshan Mehtab


Harry Nuti

Sponsored by:

Kit Colours:

Royal blue shirt, yellow cap


Winners 2017, 2019


2020 Squad:

Aiden Cassin
Bijoya Jena
Connaill Keating
Daniel Szczepanski
Emad Siddique
George Marshall
Henry Edwards
Jacob Loveridge
James Nolan
Josh Jackman
Josh Loveridge
Joshua Mitchell
Kate Harvey
Kevin O'Flynn
Lewis Glennon
Liam Fisher
Lucy Webber
Mark Pulling
Martin Allen
Matt Main
Max Manning
Raj Bahbra
Rhys Edwards
Ricky Redmond
Ryan Ballerino
Tom Bolger
Tommy Duffy
Troy Bolger
Tyler Wright
Will Cooper


Ben Hanger

Sponsored by:

Kit Colours:

Blue shirt, grey cap


Winners 2020


2020 Squad:

Arthur Walmsley
Ben Ricoux
Carli Weston
Chris Drage
Dave Risk
Denis Perks
Edith Schofield
Ethan Austin
Freddie Grigg
Inam Elahi
Jack Harris
Jack Lloyd
Jaego Cable
John Bailey
Karthik Menon
Katie Weston
Laurance Wijngaarden
Lee Houghton
Lorna Bailey
Luca Houghton
Luke Westcott
Matthew Barnes

Mukund Vichantangal Pritivatibayangram

Neil Latham
Nevan Malton
Paul Hardwick
Phil Boast
Ravi Patel
Steve Reynolds
Thijs Wijngaarden
William Morris