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The Midsummer Game (1997)

On a midsummer morning in 1997, CCC invited down a film crew for an ITV programme hosted by veteran sports presenter Tony Francis to acknowledge the summer solstice and play a game on the longest day. 

CCC hosted an interclub game between the 1st & 2nd XIs and on arrival at 4am, Martin was presented with the sight of long-standing member Mick Wells driving a tractor pulling the mowers. 

Henry Blofeld was on hand to commentate on the game, ably assisted by Martin Allen (pictured right) and Wellsy greeted him with a "My dear old thing" naturally.

At one stage father & son Mick & Dan Shepherd faced off against each other and Henry remembered a similar partnership involving a family surnamed Mann - "Man's inhumanity to Man!" he remarked. 

In true CCC summer style, it rained (hence the brollies) but the game was done and dusted by 10am, upon which the teams descended on local watering hole The Coach & Horses for a full english and the last shot of the programme saw Martin heading off to work in London on a train departing from Weybridge station.


(Information provided by CCC member Martin Allen)