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President Pullo's Log - July 2020 - Pullo Embraces The New Normal With Gusto

pullo young & old.png


Hello all

Well I told you so, we are back. Finally the ECB came through and brought our game back to us, with a few changes but not too bad under the circumstances.

Absolutely no help from Boris, ‘’it all depends on the ball’’, I mean really, it was never like this at Eton!

So roll forward a few Warden run net sessions and its Saturday 11th inter club 1s and 2s and I’m the umpire! Well I like to be involved and the boys are pretty safe, I’m a bit of a ‘’not out’’ boy as an umpire goes, especially for Blue Caps.

But I did have to be involved in the end…. sorry Bloomers boy you were out. Then finally as promised watched the second innings while parking the bot avec le beer….. yes… bliss.

Attended the nets midweek and was very impressed by the young talent, many of whom I’ve never seen. Spent some time trying to match said talent with senior tutors for this week’s nets, we have immense experience in our club please let’s use it.

Friday night, a not so dry run on the clubhouse bar systems with a few of the people who have worked so hard in getting the club up and running. There are many many more, thank you all so much for your hard work, what was achieved to get to this point is incredible.

Also incredible was some hours later when I tottered towards my Uber with a face mask on backwards and a driver nervously watching me approaching. A lot of these boys haven’t seen Parkinsons plus alcohol.

First weekend 4 teams put out…. Wow , another achievement.

Went to Blistering Bushy Park and watch the 3s, D.Perks and  B Pulling crash a fast opening stand and low and behold my little boy goes on to get a ton !!  Proud Dad indeed, jugs on me.

Back to the club to watch the end of the 2s and the teams filter back - two wins two losses all close, in good shape for Staines and Laleham next weekend. Sit down Pullo, Sun down over CCC… yes.

Well that’s enough you say, busy weekend, when it comes out…. the Armada, my Armada, are short. I’ve got the nod…. stand up Pullo, a debut!

So some hours later I shuffle out on to the pitch (I shuffle everywhere)  surrounded by men gods in smart dark  kit while I’m in my shabby whites. I wonder if I can get one of the kits, do they do rotundus grotesqus? 

Off we go… these boys ping it about, oooh. Basically I spend the first 45 mins using years of experience and staying out of the way. Then…  do I want a bowl? Yes skip I do!

Bit of grunting and groaning but reasonably straight and yes 3 wickets , stood up Pullo

I wouldn’t mention any names, gentleman don’t, but there might be a few knowing nods at the club this weekend, unlucky son…. Wink.


Pullo Pres