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Colts Area

The area for the small people of CCC, our Colts (the clue's in the name) - we've got games, we've got downloads, we've got videos, it'll eat up hours of your time... you're welcome.



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Download and colour in your very own CCC logo. Stick it on your fridge, stick it in a frame, it's up to you, just let your artistic juices flow...

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Training Videos

Lockdown Series - Episode 1 

Lockdown Series - Episode 2

We know things are a little strange at the moment, but we have some ideas to to 
keep you active and occupied. Think of it like, if you can’t go to training, 
training comes to you. Over to Colts Coach Matthew Henton:


We think you’ll like this one, we’re practising The Direct Hit. You can incorporate cans, a pole, empty bog rolls... take it away Boasty. WARNING! Explicit language (its Boasty).


Lockdown Series - Episode 3


Lockdown Series - Episode 4

Part 4 of our series sees your new PE teacher Boasty is back with some catching practise, all you need is a ball and a wall (measuring stick optional):


In this session we’ve got Boasty showing us how to improve our hand to eye co-ordination...


Lockdown Series - Episode 5

Boasty's back with a handy little drill for the batters out there to keep everything ticking along. Just be careful with this one, no pretending you’re Ben Stokes (other world class cricketers are available),we don’t want any injuries.


- decent knots!
- wear gloves, it’s good to feel the bat in your hands with gloves on.
- don’t try to whack the ball! It’ll club you on the back of the head!
- get your technique and muscle memory right..
- you don’t have to hit every ball..
- watch every swing of the ball..


Lockdown Series - Episode 6


Lockdown Series - Episode 7

We can see the weather has gone all un-quarantine-like so we’ve rolled out this gem from Boasty the PE teacher to keep you going through wet playtime...


In this session we have a treat for you. Boasty overdid it last time so we had to draft in a supply PE teacher to get you back up and moving, one part of the Triple J's, Lloydy...


Lockdown Series - Episode 8


Lockdown Series - Episode 9

Here’s Jamie Anthony, one part of the triangle that is the Triple Js, with a little drill to keep those bowlers tight.

This session, deep into the throws of isolation (and when some of us were starting to turn cuckoo, has the debut of Boasty's DIY Bowling Machine... DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! Unless you have an adult nearby that is handy with a hammer...