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AGM Update: Personnel Ins and Outs

AGM Update: Personnel Ins and Outs

6 Jan 2024

The Annual General Meeting was held on Friday 5th January, with a number of changes in club personnel:



Chairman - Mark Nuti steps down, with Ricky Redmond replacing

Vice Chairman - Cat Wright replaces Ricky Redmond

Club Safeguarding Officers - Claire Cribb and Sarah Shepherd (pictured) replaces Cat Wright

You can find an updated list of all committee and playing officials here.



2nd XI - Hugh Aish Lyons replaces Matt Wiggins

Sunday XI - Shyam Patel replaces Hugh Aish-Lyons


Honorary Memberships

Awarded to those for their service to the club:

  • Alan Dell
  • George Longman
  • Ron Beecroft
  • Matt Henton
  • Marc Osborne
  • Jack Lloyd
  • John Bailey
  • Jamie Anthony
  • Josh Jackman
  • Kate Barnes
  • Nick Barnes


Vice Presidents

Felix Reisch added