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Bluecaps in Brief: Hometown Glory

Bluecaps in Brief: Hometown Glory

10 Jun 2022

We can't believe it is finally here - our 100 Years at Grove Road (aka the home of cricket) Cricket Week celebrations are upon us, starting this Sunday.


Unless you've been hiding under a rock here's the reason we're all here today:


In the early 1920s the club played a lot of their games at Chertsey Rec, but it was time to try and secure a permanent home, as it was deemed the ground was not quite at the standard of the rigours of continuous cricket, an article at the time deemed it "dangerous and unsatisfactory, and that some neighbouring clubs declined to play there".


A new ground had been long-desired but deemed unrealistic due to the amount required to buy the amount of land required.


In the off season of 1921 it was down to Club Secretary WH DuCros, with passion and quiet enthusiasm, to set about securing the £500 needed to procure 5 acres of land from local Lt Col EW Bryan (a Chertsey CC Vice President) in the Gogmore area named Gogmore Meadow. 


Mr DuCros persevered and had promises amounting to £380, amongst them a Sir Edward Stern, a local philanthropist and the current residing President of the time (following the club's merger with Gogmore Cricket Club around the turn of the century) who chipped in the greatest amount, £248 10s.


Along with funds raised from local businesses (TE Stevens & Sons, Waterers & Sons to name a few),and members' subscriptions the princely sum of £438 13s was raised, enough to purchase the ground, and it was put into trust, a law-abiding tradition that stands to this day.


To celebrate, we are hosting something that hasn't been seen at Chertsey for a while - a cricket week, ensuring all corners of the club are covered. Here's what happening each day:


Sunday 12th June

Chertsey Legends Home v Away 2pm


Monday 13th June

Ladies Interclub Match 6pm


Tuesday 14th June

Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket 2.30pm


Wednesday 15th June

Chertsey XI v The Stage 11am


Thursday 16th June

The Social League is 25 - Bab's Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co 6pm


Friday 17th June
Colts Family Fun Evening - 6pm


Saturday 18th June
Surrey Championship League Game 1st XI v Streatham & Marlborough - 12pm


Sunday 19th June
Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners - 11am


We will be supporting the Lords Taverner's during the week, and will be donating all gate donations for the Tav game (we ask a minimum of £5) to the Taverners so dig deep. 


Everyone is welcome to attend throughout the week, so bring your family, bring your neighbours, bring Mike Gatting (we are) and let's celebrate one of Chertsey's best treasures together.


You'll be pleased to know the bar will also be participating in proceedings; collect a card over the weekend and get Monday - Friday stamped when you buy a drink to redeem a free one on the Saturday or Sunday as a thank you for your support, and there'll be special promotions on each day. By return, we are desperately looking for bar help on Sunday 19th, so if you can spare us an hour or two let us know asap - pourers, re-stockers, make yourself known please.


We've also attached our poster which you may have seen around the town, feel free to print one out and distribute for us... much love.


Notable Mentions

Thursday saw the T20 Edward Cup Round Two, and Chertsey were facing prem side Sutton, away, so the odds were stacked against them before they even started. Electing to bat first, they quickly got off to a flier, losing opener Ishaan Pal on 40 gone. With Jake Taylor doing Jake Taylor things (30) once he departed it signalled a bit of a collapse for the travelling side, and despite best efforts the bowling and fielding were just too strong and they could never really get going. Shyam Patel put on a show for his 17, and towards the end a weird run out between Jamie Anthony and Luke Westcott resulted in the former departing, and 115-9 was the total, Chertsey positively batting through the twenty overs.


In reply Chertsey got an early wicket and the game was on we thought, but #2 & #3 got comfy, the other opener only departing from an epic Shyam Patel catch. Spinners Shyam Patel and Eric Osner came out the most economical, but Sutton were just a class above and we gave as good as we got, and depart the competition with our heads held high.


Roll onto Saturday. The 3s were over at a familiar pitch: Old Tiffians, taking on Kingstonian - they of the short wicket and cones you may remember. You may also remember dear reader of the 3s' carnagey reputation, and sometimes this pays off, but sometimes the cricket gods feel they don't deserve any luck and kick them up the bum. Unfortunately Saturday was one of those days, and they found themselves crumblier than the magnificent Jubilee cake we were served at tea, only Adam "Mini" Powlesland really making a dent with 26, and they were all out for 91.


Most teams would be disheartened, but the 3s are an infectious team of characters who relish a challenge, whether big or small. They started loud, and this paid off, John Bailey nabbing an opener and finding himself on a hat trick after an ominous thirteen runs. Anything village that could happen was ticked off - players were dislocating kneecaps and getting hit on the bonce with the ball, not running their bat in so losing runs, there were epic drops, arguments with square leg umpires, and in amongst all this Kingstonian could very well have been out for about 50. But, as we said, luck was on the short side. Positives though - James Pearson bowled a blinder, John Bailey was super economical with six maidens from his eight overs, but alas it was not enough. Woking & Horsell and the Rec awaits this weekend *covers eyes*.


The 2s were over at it has to be said our most hospitable hosts so far this season - Epsom - a set up not too dissimilar to ourselves just with helicopters ferrying jockeys about overhead. The 2s elected to field first, and opening bowlers Fyfe and Aish-Lyons started strong, the wicket always looking to come next ball but opportunities missed. It was Troy Bolger at first change who nicked the first straight away, and as Epsom looked to settle, they were surprised by a Cade Skelton c&b. Epsom ran away a bit in the middle overs, but Cade cleaned up the tail, bowling superbly for his three wickets. The 3s were set 203 for the win. In reply openers Baldwin and Hardwick dug in, putting on 105 between them (31 & 74 respectively), and using the longevity practised in previous games, the tail were spared with a solid 60 from that man Cade, and the win was secured. That's three in a row, bonus points in the bag and third in the table, a valuable win.


The 4s won the toss v Old Ruts and elected to bowl first, sensible to get the measure of what mood the Rec pitch is in. Old Ruts started well, but Connaill Keating continued his league form and despatched the holding opener, which triggered somewhat of a collapse for the Merton Parkites... all at the hands of Mr Keating. #8 had a bit of a go to get the total up, and Old Ruts set the 4s 181 for the win.


In reply the 4s had some bolsterment in two debutants - Craig Higgins and the 2005 2nd XI Best Batsman James Collinge (13), the former of who took on the brief expertly and managed a run out and 51 on debut. We'll keep him. Because of this the 4s found themselves in slightly unfamiliar territory: nearing the target, but were losing recognised batsman wickets rapidly. They just needed to hang on, and at 171-8 they had time to play with. It came down to that man Connaill though, #11, and Charlie Eagles (38), who valiantly batted maturely to hold up the other end. Then something really weird happened (like we hadn't had enough) - with scores level, Connaill was bowled. Confusion reigned. We're all out, had we lost? Had we tied? Not totally sure, but when the scorecard was uploaded sure enough, we share points, and a 1 goes in the table for T. For us, that's more or less a win for the 4s, and for the first time since Shepperton, they find themselves in a strong position going into next Saturday v Ripley.


The 1s were at home to top of the table Worcester Park, featuring a returning Greg Burton after his wallop in the 2s; they found themselves batting first. They started well, but suffered somewhat of a collapse and past the openers 53 was scored, 104 the target set. The breakthrough came on 58, the next two falling cheaply, but the damage had unfortunately been done by the openers and Worcester Park went back along the A3 with the win.


Sunday saw Old Isleworthians as the oppo, a loud lot who just seemed to literally embrace cricket. Bowling first, James Barnes bagged a wicket, Charlie Eagles was economical, but it was the nicest man in the world Shyam Patel who made the headlines, with six wickets, two bowledeys, three lbws, and a catch. Now that's just taking things to the extreme. But he wasn't done. Opener Hugh Aish-Lyons was given a send off but the oppo then rushed over to shake his hand, and it was down to Neil Latham, with the best seat in the house, to witness Shyam's fifty, then fairly quickly his first Chertsey hundred, some epic shots in there, and in tough conditions, not only via the lairy oppo but also the mizzle and light. As the game edged towards its seventh hour, some of us realised we had work in the morning, but after Shyam departed on 111 (had to be Nelson didn't it) the hard work had been done, and the win was just a matter of time.


It was the 4s for all of 24 hours but our Bluecaps Champagne (Tango in this case) Moment of the Week has to go to Shyam, first of many hopefully our friend. Shyam's actually been nominated for an award via Cricket World Monthly, you have unti June 21st to cast your vote, thankyou to those who have already, let's get him over the line. Vote here!


Thursday saw the U15 devvers head over to Chobham and were set 122 for the win, Freddy Bachman three wickets and Alex Ozer economical, and in reply they found themselves in a bit of bother. The middle order dug in though, Arthur Walmsley retiring, Mark Lemon and Mickey Grigg sticking in 50 between them, and the target was surpassed, a win by six wickets.


The U11s spent their Jubilee Friday at Epsom CC playing in a tournament, and despite a heavy loss in the first game to Woking they then got used to the 7-over format (every bowler has to bowl an over) and lost a nail biter to Guildford on the last ball before getting a tie with Esher in a last ball decider too.


It was a bumper Monday. The Monday match for the U13s v East Molesey was a cracker, EM batting first, and didn't we know about it, one enthusiastic youth biffing the ball right through the open bifold doors and luckily a wooden spot behind the bar then bouncing straight back out, you would have been out for that in indoor cricket (we were on shift, we're not behind it enough to get hit for info) and as EM tried to get away, up pops Scott Russell to cut short the party, and the U13s subdued their oppo. A competitive 105 for the chase. Mr Extras top scored for EM but it was that man Russell again opening and retiring not out close behind (33) and taking a large chunk out of the total - leaving the remainder of the runs an easy chase for his team mates.


The U12 devvers were taking on Egham, and kept things tight bowling, pair #2 & #3 feeling the brunt of the Chertsey attack - 277 for the net score. In reply all pairs impressed, Lola, Lottie, and Enan with valuable runs and the score was amassed with 25 runs extra once the totting up had been done.


Wednesday saw the U11s travel over to Ashstead, who had three retirees (not often that happens), for their 155-4, but Chertsey matched their retirement count, the second wicket falling for a staggering 104 runs, Scott Russell (for the second time in a week - the radar is whirring), Max Toogood and Zach Edwards responsible, but incredibly it wasn't quite enough...


The U15s hosted Woking & Horsell at the Rec and putting on 76 for the third wicket, Ethan Austin retired on 51, the middle order underpinned the innings; William Morris 21, Mark Lemon 31. 131-5 a stable score. In reply Josh Fyfe despatched the openers fairly swiftly, James Pearson helping things along with a c&b, and along with Will Morris ending things with two consecutive run outs, the win secured in the 16th over. Huzzah.


Thursday 2nd June

Twenty20 Cup - Chertsey 115-9 v Sutton 120-5 (A)

Jake Taylor 30, Eric Osner 2-20


U12 dev 98-11 (net score 243) v Egham 84-9 (net score 239)

Alfie Meredith 12, Josh Keefe 3-16


U15 dev 122-4 v Chobham 121-8

Arthur Walmsley 51* (ret), Freddy Bachmann 3-18


Saturday 4th June

1st XI 103 a/o v Worcester Park 104-3 (H)

Jake Taylor 28, Shyam Patel 1-7, Jacob Loveridge 1-17, Luke Westcott 1-22


2nd XI 205-5 v Epsom 202 a/o(A)

Paul Hardwick 74, Cade Skelton 60 & 3-30


3rd XI 91 a/o v Kingstonian 92-5 (A)

Adam Powlesland 26, John Bailey 3-7


4th XI 179 a/o v Old Rutlishians 179-7 (Hrec)

Craig Higgins 51, Connaill Keating 4-33


Sunday 5th June

U12s 106-4 v Weybridge 107-4

Luke Woodham 30* (ret), Max Toogood 2-12


Sunday XI 181-5 v Old Isleworthians (H)

Shyam Patel 111, 6-21


Monday 6th June

U13s 110-1 v East Molesey 104-3 - THE MONDAY MATCH

Scott Russell 33* (ret) & 1-6, Sienna Austin 1-7, Freya Edwards 1-16


U12 dev 132-6 (net score 302) v Egham 127-10 (net score 277)

Enan Parmar 34, Luke Woodham 4-21


Wednesday 8th June

U15 dev 131-5 v Woking & Horsell 101-10

Ethan Austin 51* (ret), Josh Fyfe 3-10


U11s 123-5 v Ashstead 155-4

Scott Russell 32* (ret), Max Toogood 31* (ret), Zach Edwards 30* (ret), Oscar Toogood 2-6


Smash It - U9 Girls 31-1 (net score 226) v Normandy 43-0 (net score 243)

Amelie 5


Fixture Card

Tonight sees Bab's Army make their debut in the Social League, go well, and Sunday sees the Ladies up at the crack of dawn taking Walton early doors in the league and plenty of Sunday Funday for the Colts to be getting on with - let's see if we can get another clean sweep. The Seniors will be concentrating on round 6 of the league, the 2s and 4s hoping to continue their form and 1s & 3s getting back on the bike. Then its only the biggest week of cricket in Chertsey for 100 years...


Thursday 9th June

Social League - Academy v Otters 11 (H)

Social League - Salesians v Bab's Army (Habb)

Social League - Pirates v Football Club (Hrec)


Friday 10th June

U12s v Teddington


Saturday 11th June

1st XI v Kingstonian (A) 12pm

King's College Sportsground, Windsor Avenue, New Malden, Surrey, KT3 5HA


2nd XI v Leatherhead (H) 12pm


3rd XI v Woking & Horsell (Hrec) 1pm


4th XI v Ripley (A) 1pm

West Byfleet Rec, Camphill Road, West Byfleet, KT14 6EG

Sunday 12th June

U15s v Lingfield

U14s v Albury

U12s v Valley End

U11s v Malden Wanderers

U10s v Weybridge Vandals

U8s v Camberley


League - Ladies v Walton (A) 9.30am

Ashley Park, Ashley Park Avenue, Walton on Thames, KT12 1ET


100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week - Chertsey Legends Home v Away 2pm


Monday 13th June

100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week - Ladies Interclub Match 6pm


Tuesday 14th June

U15 dev v Cranleigh


100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week - Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket 2.30pm


Wednesday 15th June

100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week - Chertsey XI v The Stage 11am


Thursday 16th June

100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week - The Social League is 25 - Bab's Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co 6pm


Dates for Your Diary

100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week:

12th June – Chertsey Legends Day Home v Away

13th June – Ladies Interclub Match

14th June – Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket

15th June – Chertsey XI v The Stage CC

16th June – The Social League is 25 Years Old - Babs' Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co

17th June – Colts Family Fun Evening

18th June – League Game - 1st XI v Streatham & Marlborough

19th June – Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners


26th June - CPL100 Round 2

10th July - Colts Day

17th July - President's Day

24th July - CPL100 Round 3

28th August - CPL100 Finals Day

17th September - Colts Dinner *NEW*

2nd October - Cowpat Day


We're off to get some rest - big week ahead...