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Bluecaps in Brief - Let's Stay Together

Bluecaps in Brief - Let's Stay Together

20 May 2020

How goes it?

Well we can see there's bits and bobs coming out of the powers that be with positive news about making steps to getting you back to that glorious Lionel Dodd pavilion in a chair next to President Pullo's derriere, but in the meantime we have taken the decision to extend the membership until the end of July. Sorry, you're just stuck with us. After then we'll need you to do the necessaries and renew as normal - we will of course be in touch to furnish you with all the details. We know you're missing CCC as much as its missing you so hang on in there, keep patient, keep training, keep sending us embarassing photos for social media, it'll all be worth it.

For those wishing to get their teeth into something early we sent round a link supplied to us by Surrey to sign up for their club umpring course, so if you fancy giving it a go, sign on the dotted line here.

Or if you aren't sick of quizzes already (our brain is mush btw) we held our Big Fat Isolation Quiz last week, still on the socials (Facebook haven't asked us to take it down inexplicably) for you to have a go at, and this week on the socials we're asking you to tell us about your favourite CCC match. We've also attached a little present with this email, a template of our logo, so dig out the crayons, and you can now have us omnipresent on your kitchen fridge, framed in your toilet, or man shed, wherever you fancy. Show know what you come up with and we'll have a Tony Hart-style gallery. CCC's burger lady Suzi Q is also firing up her fryer for a Friday delivery service, so if you're missing her halloumi fries as much as we are check out the details here. See, we're here to sprinkle some goodness on your Wednesday.

Well that's us, keep on keeping on, alert and primed, and we'll speak soon.


Subject song: "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green