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Bluecaps In Brief - Remember Me

Bluecaps In Brief - Remember Me

18 Apr 2020

Well, here we are. Whether you’re reading us in the queue at Aldi or post Joe Wicks workout (Boasty’s much better btw), greetings. We hope you and yours are doing ok and staying safe settling into the temporary new normal. We must say it is incredibly difficult to write about the goings on of a Cricket Club when said Cricket Club isn’t actually operational, but if it’s one thing we’ve learnt communication has become incredibly important so we’re just checking in. At least this may be the first time ever we’re actually brief (doubt it). And it’s way easier than Housepartying all of you (ask the kids). 

Although we don’t have too much to report, the Grounds team (who are the masters of social distancing let’s be fair) have steam coming off the mowers, busy doing what they can to keep the ground looking exceptional and set up for when we’re good to go. 

Whether you’re spending your time working (we salute you), recovering, or you’re furloughed and revisiting past skills, or even learning a new skill (we’ve been learning to bake - that’s where all the flour went. Let’s just say Egham’s tea ladies are safe) there’s been some cracking contributions in the last four weeks to the socials, whether you’ve run 5k for charity, or been nominated to down a pint (thanks Kempton), over at CCC the highlights have included the Colts team consisting of Boasty, along with Matt, Felix (he of the loud shirt), and Lloydy superbly showing you how to stay a lean mean cricket machine whether you’re a Colt or a big Colt, indoors or out. We held our CCC Photograph of the Year Competition, which was won by Katie Weston of the Ladies team (attached), and we probed you with all the burning questions such as “What would you have in your fantasy cricket pavilion?”, corker that one.

We’ve had a break the last few days getting some bits ready for the next little while but next week we kick off with CCC Rewind, in which its over to you to tell us your CCC memories and anecdotes or send us any old photos, send us what you have at Comms or tag us in your posts so we can get all misty-eyed together. Plus we’ll have some more Taskmasters (ideas always welcome) and there’s a quiz in the pipeline.

Before that though we do have a treat for you. We’ve asked President Pulling to address you so sit up straight.

"Hello all at CCC.

When I was honoured to accept the Presidency of our Club I could never have imagined pre pre-season communication would be affected by a terrible global virus that has brought our world to a stop.

Firstly I hope you are all well and those of you who have been ill have recovered, please continue to be vigilant in your behaviour, I am sure we are close to a plateau and so then a recovery of our way of life that we all deserve.

On behalf of CCC I would like to reach out to those people attached to our Club who have helped us all survive the virus. By that I mean medical professionals, carers of all kinds, supply chain workers, couriers, and many more. On behalf of CCC I thank you for your work, we are so proud of you. I will soon be in a chair outside the Club, join me, I owe you a drink. 

Although we still have a way to go I have seen some seeds of activity within the Club - if we can't play at least we can talk about it, i've played with a few that fall into that category!

Take care please, I will be back in touch in a couple of weeks and we are going to talk cricket! And sometime soon we will break our Club open and celebrate like never before.

Pullo Pres"

Well that’s our 40 minutes up. Like President Pulling says, stay safe, and don’t forget our inbox is always open too. And it’ll stop us from trying to bake stuff badly. The senior teams will only thank you in the long run for being saved the horror.


Subject song choice: “Remember Me” by Diana Ross