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Bluecaps in Brief: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Bluecaps in Brief: Signed, Sealed, Delivered

25 Mar 2022

Well that's it, the dream where we paint the Mound stand blue (and potentially get ejected to be fair) from Lords is over. The Indoor jaunt, in what started out as part of a winter giggle in a cold hall sports hall in the off-season went on to become a bit of an epic journey - the team leaving past winners Wimbledon in their wake, ending up Surrey County champions, the ride culminating in a trip to Kent CC's beautiful out ground in Beckenham for the regional round, but sadly ending to Ickenham in the first semi final.

What a way to set up the season though, and well played to all involved - Luke Westcott, Jack Ogle, Karthik Menon, Ben Hanger, Dave Risk, Jake Taylor, James Richards, Simon Bell, Jack Lloyd, Charlie Courtney & young Ed Marsh.

Stats-wise it was very much a team effort but Karthik Menon came out top of the batters wih 203 runs across the tournament and Jack Ogle was pick of the bowlers with 8 wickets.

Let's get to Sunday's match - Ickenham put Chertsey into bat and runs were slim pickings, without talisman Jake Taylor opener Ben Hanger hung around and after the wicket of opener Jack Ogle went down it was up to Ben and debutant Charlie Courtney (22) to make an impression and steady the ship, Ben going on to retire (making 31 in the game) and make way for Karthik. Its one of our favourite things ever seeing Karthik play cricket, and seeing him bat with young Ed Marsh has been one of the highlights of our tournament, master and apprentice, which we were treated to again once Charlie had departed. The partnership didn't last long though, and Ed made way for Luke Westcott. Karthik needed to hang about for a bit longer ideally with Luke but it wasn't to be and he was run out, which brought back Ben for a bit more biffing to add a few more to the total, but things we felt were a bit short at Ickenham requiring 103 to win off their 12 overs.

Chertsey started the bowling innings well, keeping Ickenham true, the first wicket a great c&b off the ceiling for Jack Ogle (2-12) in the third over, and his second came with the last ball of this over, Ickenham 33-2 after three overs. Everything was going swimmingly, until their #5, fresh from a trial the day before, wreaked havoc, a good contest for the fired up Westcott. You felt things were starting to slip away for Chertsey but they weren't ready to give up, and Westcott and Ogle bowled well at the end to push Ickenham into the last over, but with the score perhaps twenty-odd runs shy we ran out of leg room and Ickenham were victorious. We know we were beaten by a better side, as Ickenham went on to reach the promised land of Lords for finals day.

You can check out the match highlights here.

Tonight We're Going to Party Like Its 1922...

Tonight sees the first of our 100 Years at Grove Road celebrations - the ground and bar opens at 6pm, all are welcome. Festivities commence at 7.30pm and we'll be honouring not only the last 100 years of our residence, the indoor team's efforts, and getting into the 1920s spirit with some 20s inspired cocktails. We certainly have the weather for it...

We also hear there are some bar line substitutions in the process (being installed as we speak) for your delectation:

  • Fosters for Carling
  • Meantime IPA for Becks Vier
  • Peroni in for Kronenburg
  • Cornish Orchard in for Stowford Press

EGM Complete...

The EGM was held on Monday night and we are pleased to introduce you to some new captains who were voted in:

1st XI - Ben Hanger taking over from Jack Ogle

Sunday XI - Hugh Aish-Lyons taking over from Ravi Patel

Many thanks to the outgoing captains, we wish the new incumbent well and the best of luck for the new season - welcome to the firm.

The financial report was also ratified and we can confirm the club is in a healthy position.

Two Excellent Training Opportunities Available to CCC...

This Easter sees the Female Specific Foundation One course taking place at St Peters School in Guildford during the Easter holidays, there are still a few places left so get booked on soon as you can. The course runs across two days on Wednesday 6th and Friday 8th April (9.30am-4.30pm).

Further information about the course, including how to book, can be found here: https://booking.ecb.co.uk/c/express/81a4efc9-023f-40c7-bfa4-a2124d6ef4e0


Just as a reminder on the 11th April Chertsey CC will be hosting a Young Cricket Officials course at the club in partnership with the Surrey Cricket Foundation.


This programme is completely free for 13-18 year olds (they get a bit of free kit too!) and involves face to face training where you learn how to umpire and score and then put it into practice by playing matches. You’ll then be ready to go back to your club/school to put these new skills into practice and then be offered chances at festivals and tournaments where you will be mentored and supported.


The course runs from 1.00-4.00pm and you can book your place via this link: https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/p8q4hk


Umpiring and scoring as essential parts of cricket and will help with your overall understanding of the game. Sign us up!

President Pullo Marches On...

Our President Mark Pulling is taking on the challenge of walking The Fulham Way until the end of the month - so dig deep and give generously on his Just Giving page, details below. Here he gives us an update on his progress:

Hello all

Well the curtains are being parted in the early morns in Chertsey all as the local folk try and find out what those shuffley snuffly noises really are!

Its me! I'm still going, every day along the river bank, on the running machine, up through the town, 4 miles this morning 38 in total, I think I might do it, really?

Could do with a day off Saturday after our do Friday and of course the mighty Curlews on SAT lunchtime...

So if you could spare the odd penny, the Fulham foundation do a great job filling the gaps in social care that were exposed by Covid and providing activities like walking football that I play for them, but there is so much more, check on the website here

I know there are terrible things happening now, I know Kiev so well from my air freight career, beautiful place, will undoubtedly need our support going forward but for now anything you give is so appreciated by those who need it.


Pullo, c u Friday

Dates for Your Diary...

25th March - Centenary Celebrations Kick Off Party - ground open from 6pm

6th & 8th April - Female Specific Foundation One Course, register here https://booking.ecb.co.uk/c/express/81a4efc9-023f-40c7-bfa4-a2124d6ef4e0

10th April - Work Day from 10am

11th April - Young Officials Course 1pm - 4pm, register here https://booking.ecb.co.uk/d/p8q4hk

30th April - Chertsey Premier League/CPL100 Auction - details to be released next week

7th May - First weekend of League cricket

29th May - CPL100 Round 1

12th June -  19th June - 100 Years at Grove Road Celebrations Week

26th June - CPL100 Round 2

10th July - Colts Day

17th July - President's Day

24th July - CPL100 Round 3

28th August - CPL100 Finals Day

2nd October - Cowpat Day

and finally...

Today, 25th March, marks 100 years to the day the purchase documents of Gogmore Meadow were signed between Sir Edward Stern and Lieutenant Colonel Bryan - and think of all that has happened and all who have graced the hallowed turf since. Check out the history of the ground here.

See you tonight!