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Bluecaps in Brief: Sweet Child O' Mine

Bluecaps in Brief: Sweet Child O' Mine

24 Jul 2020

Not that door!

The spectator tribe were let loose in Teddington, Kempton, Normandy, Egham, and of course Chertsey over the weekend, free to roam their natural habitat and experience the new normal - door etiquette, cleany breaks every six overs, players sans changing room (never quite going to get used to that one), and the sacrilege of no teas, BYO from here on in people, we've learnt just hover near a tribe with a cool-box and they'll see you right. President Pullo's has had a banging July so far, making his CPL debut at the weekend, here he tells you all about it in President Pullo's Log over on the website.

CPL Round 1 on Sunday was a much quieter affair than previous seasons noise-wise (not if you count Matt Main's appealing), but you still came down to witness the spectacle in your droves. As expected the live stream was carnage, so back to the drawing board with that one, apologies to Mrs Cooper tuning in from Dorset. You can check out the live scores on Facebook & Instagram stories over the weekend still, along now along with the Twitter tribe (they're nuts them lot) while we work out which wire should go where. Bodies were a bit creaky from the day before, new thing this playing 2 days in a row, but Meads Enforcers and Bourne Stars were the winners of the day, and as you'd expect there were umpires with beer, crazy run outs, a wondercatch (in the deep from Jake Taylor), and drama in the last ball of the day. CPL is back. And because you were all so good it returns on Sunday August 2nd for another go, and bi-weekly until Finals Day end of August. Huzzah. Check out the club calendar for more info here or the CPL page on the website for latest news.

Now we know you lot can put Picasso in the shade when it comes to artistic flair (your efforts are all on our fridge btw) so we set the Colts a little competition over on the socials earlier in the week to design some posters telling patrons to wash their hands and socially distance - their one chance to tell those naughty adults to behave. Our effort didn't make the grade - the best we could come up with was our lockdown favourite Chris Whitty dressed as a bottle of sanitiser, dire, so we need your help. We've extended the submissions until tonight so get to it. Drop us an email at comms@chertseycc.org.uk with your offerings.

Notable Mentions
Saturday marked the competitive debut of all four senior Captains, all ending with varying days. 

It was about 5 degrees hotter at Kempton than any other game we went to Saturday. If you closed your eyes you were in Lanzarote. When we departed for Teddington Tahn and left Kempton to bat they (Kempton) seemed to be going along a bit too nicely for our liking, oooh eck we thought, so were pleasantly surprised when we popped back with two overs to go and we had them in a headlock. Don't know why we doubted it. Troy Bolger managed to get a ball stuck up a tree, so normal service is resumed. 

The 2s brought the drama to the Edward Stern v Kempton, and were massively unlucky not to win with the match going down to the last ball of the game. 

Much to 3s Captain Lloydy's irritation we decided to ignore his directions to Teddington Tahn CC and then wondered why we couldn't get into Bushy Park. That's why he's Captain and we just type words with our twiglet fingers. An absolutely mental pitch setting - one of three being played at the club that day so we had to hunt them down - literally deer at cow corner, you're that far into the park. After a Bill Pulling century we thought it was all sewn up on our departure but a late Teddington spurt meant that was the match we misjudged. Mention also to Colt Charlie Eagles, who made the move up from the 4s. Speaking of Colts...

The game of the day had to be the 4s match at the Rec. As we rocked up in the old Comms-mobile we had to rub our eyes - half of the team were quite small. "Has Martin Allen shrunk in lockdown we thought" but no, Oh.My.God - Colts! Loads of em! What a lovely surprise. They did an epic job, like water off a duck's back, incredibly blazing through the Teddington Town order and taking all the wickets, they'd done their day's work and were and back in the clubhouse for a well-deserved panda pop come 5pm. We had to include them all in notable mentions, just for being so bloomin' amazing. Mention too to Boasty for anchoring the innings. On the BYOTB Captain Toone admitted he was beaming, possibly the happiest captain of the weekend. Nay, the season.

Saturday 18th July
Friendly - Kempton 187-7 v 1st XI 209-9
Jack Ogle 56, Dave Risk 51
Ben Hanger 2-27, Jamie Anthony 2-35

Friendly - 2nd XI 220 a/o v Kempton 221-5
Fin Lloyd 70*
Jack Perks 2-40


Friendly - Teddington Town 235-6 v 3rd XI 231-6 
Bill Pulling 109*, Dan Perks 67
Harry Nuti 2-51

Friendly - 4th XI 118-6 v Teddington Town 115 a/o

Phil Boast 47
Ed Marsh 3-4, James Pearson 3-13, Ethan Austin 3-35 
Special note: Arthur Walmsley behind the stumps and bowler Dylan Pandaya making up the rest of the fab five

Sunday 19th July
The ladies Slam match v Twickenham Tornadoes was postponed due to rain.

Meads Enforcers 138-6 v Grove Armada 132-6
Paul Hardwick 63, Stuart Bunson 1-12 ~ Matt Main 38, Mark Pulling 3-36

Gogmore Knights 169-5 v Bourne Stars  170-2
Jake Taylor 44, M Osman 1-22 ~ Ellis Miah 80, Chris Dunne 2-38

Dates For Your Diary

This weekend should be an easy one to remember. We think its going to be an every-extremity kind of weekend so come prepared...

Saturday 25th
Challenge Cup - 1st XI v Staines & Laleham (A) - 1pm start
Challenge Cup - 2nd XI v Staines & Laleham (H) - 1pm start
Challenge Cup - 3rd XI v Staines & Laleham (A) - 1pm start
Friendly - 4th XI v Ashford (H Rec) - 1pm start

Sunday 26th
Sunday sees the Sunday XI take on London Ovalites from 2pm, a travelling side of Surrey CC supporters... they're missing the London derby at the Oval to travel to old CCC...

Friendly - Sunday XI v London Ovalites - 2pm start

Friday - East Molesey v U13s (A)
Sunday - U13s v Windsor (H Rec) tbc
Sunday - Royal Ascot v U13s Dev (A)
Thursday - Woking & Horsell v U13s (A)

Off to invest in some CCC blue facemasks...