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Bluecaps In Brief - We'll Meet Again

Bluecaps In Brief - We'll Meet Again

8 May 2020

How are you? All ok?

Happy VE Day 75th anniversary to you all, whether you're celebrating with a socially distanced street party or watching re-runs of Dad's Army, we hope you're all safe and are keeping on keeping on.

We may not be playing cricket but its been a busy old month as we wait for news on when we can get going again.

We held our first ever Zoom Committee meeting, which as you can imagine had alcohol and controlled carnage. 

We also had our first virtual matches of the season, with the U13s trouncing Zimbabwe and the 1s v 2s, & 3s v 4s playing each other in a "friendly". We had tantrums, we had debuts, exceptional performances, we had an amazing tea (in our head), just like a normal match.

You may have received emails about membership, but you don't need to do anything yet, just disregard until we tell you we're good to go.

Last Friday we held the Live CPL Auction, hosted by the hostess with the mostest Will Cooper and featuring the CPL Captains, including new ones Luke Robertson and James Richards. We've attached the squads for your perusal. The Meads Enforcers were deemend by 44% of the audience to have the best squad, but we'll have this conversation again post-Finals Day to see how right you were, whenever that may be. Many thanks to all those who took part, we're gutted we couldn't see all your furry little faces (and wish we'd brushed our hair and tidied up to be honest).

Looking to the next week, we're holding our Big Fat CCC Isolation Quiz (catchier names are available), landing every day until we run out of questions (probably 5 days unless we can drag it out) from Sunday night at 7pm on the socials, so get your teams assembled and sharpen up on your CCC knowledge, whether that's in your Whatsapp groups or in your house, heck rope in your cousin from Australia. Feel free to let us know your team names before Sunday, we'll be dishing out an extra point for the best name so make it a corker, and we'll need you to either email or message us your answers each day please for marking.

Keep sending us old photos, old anecdotes, photos of coaches in food form, it's all going to go in the CCC Isolation Time Capsule, so we have photographic evidence for future generations we didnt just sit around eating biscuits, oh no, we made cricket drill videos, we built bowling machines, we asked probing questions, and we sent Comms incriminating photos of tours.  

Now because you've all been very good we have a big present for you but you can't unwrap it until sometime next week, we're waiting for it to arrive. 

To tide you over til then we have a present for you now. Seeing as he was so popular last time we've asked President Pulling back for another guest stint, so here's what he has to say to you all:

"Hello all,

Well a couple of weeks on and I hope you are still all well and looking after yourselves. 

Who knows what Boris will say Sunday on the breaking of the lockdown but I sense progress and that large chair outside the Pavillion at CCC for my large bottom is clearing its throat to call me... soon. 

In the meantime the very innovative players of CCC have training and coaching with all kinds of homemade training equipment for all age groups and abilities. I, or course, am beyond help but I am confident we are developing a squad of super players from the gardens of Surrey!!

And not satisfied with that next we are viewing what is tantamount to full back garden test matches as everyone from Dad to the cat trooping out to the wicket for their turn at the crease... incredible.

Then we move to the virtual season, starts with all four teams involved, and no availability problems here? No way, hundreds of them, could I get a game? Forget it Pullo, sit down.

But seriously great inputs and efforts by all, can't remember who won, who cares, performance seemed to depend on who had the pen and scorebook, some vivid imaginations at work.

Then last Friday the selection for the CPL. I think this is a fantastic competition that the Club should take full credit for. Great days out with big crowds, amosphere, and fantastic cricket. I am convinced this has played a great part in the Club's development on the field with players of all standards learning from each other. 

This year's selections will, I am sure, lead to thrilling Sunday afternoon entertainment at Grove Road. Who's going to win?

Much talk of the young Bourne Stars led by new skipper, cheeky chappy Luke Robertson, can they?

I am a Grove man with our strong record for success led by The Hobbler, we must be favourites, will I play? Sit down Pullo.

Stay safe, see you soon.

Pullo Pres."

Well as we go and see if we've still got a job after that, stay safe, stay in until Boris let us out, and keep dreaming of that Edward Stern pitch (attached's a snippet to keep you going).


Subject song choice: "We'll Meet Again" by Vera Lynn