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Bluecaps in Brief: You Should See Me In a Crown

Bluecaps in Brief: You Should See Me In a Crown

2 Jun 2022

Arise Lord/Lady (delete where applicable) of Chertsey, are we all ready for some Platty Joobs action? We've lots to get through before we sit down for some street party, so let's get cracking.


Final Two 100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week Dates Released...

...and its the two big Sundays.


The first date in our calendar, 12th June is Home v Away Legends Day, a day for players of past and present (in some cases) to show us what they've got. We shall be revealing the teams over the weekend…


Next up is the second Sunday, the jewel in our 100 Years Cricket Week crown - a Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners XI. We released names #2 & #3 of the Taverners team this week, first up its the el Capitano. She comes with a wealth of experience - she’s captained Southern Vipers to the Rachel Heyhoe-Flint title, she won The Hundred last season with Oval Invincibles, welcome Georgia Adams. Also returning (he just can't keep away) is England, Northants, Sussex, and Meads Enforcers legend... Monty Panesar.


Let's give you the heads up on the Lords Taverner's - they are a charity who exist to positively impact the lives of young people facing the challenges of inequality. They work across the UK and beyond to provide inclusive and impactful cricket programmes, empowering young people with disabilities and from disadvantaged communities to develop the knowledge, skills, capabilities and confidence required to overcome the challenges of inequality, raise their aspirations and reach their potential.


Their main goals are to:


Increase opportunities for regular participation

Improve health, mental wellbeing, and future prospects

Strengthen community and social cohesion

Develop a network of volunteers and role models


...as well as host charitable programmes such as Table Cricket, Wicketz, Super 1s, and kit recycling.


We will be inviting everyone attending the Sunday match to donate as much as you can during the day to the Lords Taverners charity, including a minimum £5 donation on the gate. We will then gift aid all proceeds, so dig deep!


Visit them at www.lordstaverners.org for more info.



Notable Mentions

Lets fast forward a day - Sunday Funday - and the new age of CPL, CPL100. Once we'd sat there collectively and questioned what the foggy was going on - gone were overs, and in were balls (Bob Hanger made a 5 ball card to hold up at the end of the over helpfully) we were up and running, and what a banger of a day we had to start with. Three fifties, two last minute wins. It was quick, bright, and bags of fun.


So let's start with the opener, Bourne Stars v Grove Armada. The Armada were looking for someone to fill the place of talisman David Sloan, and by jove they found him, step forward Jacob Loveridge, who took a central role banging in 80 with ease, his partnership with Ade Clayton just *chef's kiss*. 150 was perennial underdogs Bourne Stars' target for their first win in six years. Tough call. They had strength in depth though, openers Bloomfield & Risk taking charge, Jacob ensuring Risky's day was cut short but Elliott Bloomfield was allowed off his leash and in partnership with Mike Dean of Woking & Horsell (who liked to biff it, 57 in his runs column) they ate away at the total. It went down to the last set of 5, and the Stars' light was dimmed,  just four short. Big up to the U14s' Josh Hawksley though, bold in his first ever CPL game - he was busy and nabbed a wicket along the way and shares our CPL100 Moment of Round One with Jacob, as voted on for on the Insta.


In the second game it was Enforcers v Knights. Knights batting first, just needed someone, anyone, to stay at the crease long enough. We said the Enforcers were a strong bowling side, and we weren't wrong, Kempton's Gary Porter impressing, Joe Clarke and Josh Jackman back to their old CPL tricks with two each. Old Ruts' Giles Poole steadied things somewhat with 39 but the Enforcers were set a fairly lowly in par 123 for the win. Or the Smurfs as we're going to forever think of them as. We are considering setting up a Go Fund Me page to invest in some Smurf hats. The Enforcers were strong in batting too - no-one's going to argue with Snake, Osman, Hanger, Mehtab as your top four, and they made hay. Bit of bother at the end, level on scores they lost two wickets for 0 runs, but had enough bodies to play with to see things home, Mr Wide completing the job for the Enforcers.


Here's where we're at in the sub-battle of the purple and orange caps:


Most Runs

Jacob Loveridge - 80

Mike Dean - 57

Elliott Bloomfield - 51


Most Wickets

Gary Porter, Joe Clarke, Josh Jackman - 2


To Saturday. The road trip.


Our first game Saturday was with the 2s hosting Chipstead, Coulsdson, & Walcountians at the Edward Stern, and we were surprised as any they actually turned up, as the past two outings they have evaded seeing us. Late on. Hmm. Knowing we have tea now or something, they were fielding first, and the 2s got out the traps firing, openers Baldwin and Burton looking in good nick. Baldwin was unlucky his innings was cut short but Burton ploughed on, ending on 69 for his trouble. Positively runs were piled on throughout the innings, and the 2s got to 182 all out, they won't mind us saying more than is usual in 2s-land. In reply Josh Fyfe and Hugh Aish-Lyons decimated their top three for 15 and it was game on. Its funny how some days the world is at your feet and some days you can't burgle a wicket for love nor money but this week it was Hugh Aish-Lyons (4-23) who along with Ravi Patel (3-18) who took wickets at crucial times and sent the CC&W packing for 129 all out before they'd let the duck wraps settle in their bellies, a win by 54 RUNS. We didn't want to jinx it last week, but we like a 2s team in form.


With the 4s over at an always unforgiving Valley End the groundkeeper had decided he needed to make the pitch AS BALD AS POSSIBLE so anything connecting with a bat flew past the boundary rope like it was running to the bar at last orders on a Friday night. We like what you've done with the place VECC (they had beanbags we'll have you know) but it was an uphill battle for the 4s. President Mark Pulling made the breakthrough with two wickets, but the tally was just too far out of reach. Positives though - they batted through the innings, and the Colts took advantage of the thinned field, fours aplenty for Barnaby Rowe, James Pearson, James Barnes, and Charlie Eagles. They'll be back at the pudding bowl that is the Rec next week, and we know what that trifle will get up to, don't we.


The 3s were hosting Old Hamptonians at said trifle, and their oppo elected to bat first, big no no at the Rec if its not in the mood. Joe Clarke made the breakthrough and was on for a hat trick, Old Hamps losing four for 2 runs in a devastating spell between Messrs Clarke and Ethan Austin/Jack Lloyd, who is back just for info, and the 3s were set 128 for the win. Surely they couldn't muck this up? They are the 3s. And they found themselves 0-2. But as is with the 3s, no man is left behind, and the team dug deep - Boasty (20) underpinning as ever, the returning Fin Lloyd (20), Adam Powlesland (14), Troy Bolger (29) chipping away, and with the pressure off Troy and Ethan Austin with 26 (four of those fours) took it home.


The 1s were at the glorious sun-trap that is Hampton Wick, another place that has done alright for itself, they have one of those things on our fantasy cricket club bucket-list, a balcony. The 1s had Ishaan Pal on 1s debut opening in place of Jake Taylor, and at two-down for 34 they had us worried. They picked it up though, Captain Hanger and Kartik steadying the ship, (Karthik had a day of it, 46 in the bag and unlucky not to progress, and having to keep too, a sight that always piques our interest, the how out column littered with his name) and Dave Risk (39) and Jamie Anthony (26) digging in lower down the order when required. 190 amassed. Hampton Wick have always been a bit of a fierce opponent, and it makes us pleased for what was about to follow. They started worm-wise about par with the Chertsey innings, and as we left Chertsey headed for the A308 they were 34-1. 8.6 miles is a long way in Comms time and in the time it took us to travel from the Rec to Park Road Josh Jackman had whipped through the order and reduced them to 53-5 and earns our Bluecaps Chanpagne Moment of the Week such was its game changing nature, he was unlucky not to reach his 5fer. Shyam Patel persevered with the tail with an excitable spell and it was deja-vu, the oppo needing 62 from 60 balls. Eeek. Shyam was brought on for another go, but he was bowled out, so Jacob Loveridge was brought on instead, and what an inspired decision, as he bowled the final wicket with his first ball, and the win was secured.

The Ladies were over at deepest darkest South Nutfield Sunday - a promising start between Lucy Weber and Amy Bailey cam to an end all too soon when Amy was out LBW for 6 in the 6th over.

This bought Katie Weston to the wicket and she proceeded to attack the bowling. Lucy was next out bowled by the opening bowler for 17, ending a good partnership of 52 for the second wicket. Katie was the next wicket to fall having scored 25. Next in was Mary O'Farrell who also got off to a good start scoring 11 in a couple of overs, before also being bowled by the South Nutfield opening bowler.

Britt Measor was next up and she batted well against some very quick bowling scoring 11. Edith Schofield came in at No. 6 and scored 10 before being bowled by the No.2 bowler. The next batter was Edith's Mum Alex who batted superbly for a not out 16. Olivia Henton (on debut) was the last wicket to fall being run out for 6in the last over.

Chertsey ended on 129-7 off their 30 overs. Probably 20-30 runs short of a par score but the bowling was exceptionally good, especially from the two young openers.

South Nutfield started off quite slowly,as the Chertsey bowlers kept things quite tight.

Opening Bowler Bronwyn Mayne in her first 3 over spell only went for 3 runs and No.2 bowler Edith Schofield went for 4 off her first three.

Lorna Bailey and Britt Measor were the next two bowlers, with Lorna going for 17 off three and Britt 21 off three.Amy Bailey and Olivia Henton were the next pair of bowlers,Amy bowled two very good overs before the drinks break including a maiden.Olivia got the breakthrough in the 14th over having the No.2 batter taken behind the wicket,an astonishing catch by Sonia Appleby.

After 15 overs South Nutfield were 65-1 and looked to be worried.

Sadly a couple of expensive overs turned the game.Despite a late rally from Britt who took two wickets in two balls, the first by a superb catch from Amy Bailey,the second bowled, South Nutfield cruised to victory with 6 overs to spare.

In a tough and soggy week for the Colts, Sunday saw the U11s facing a strong Esher side so can't be disheartened, the U12s find themselves one point behind the leader with a game in hand after their win against Horsley & Send by 39 runs, Kit Schofield back on the ret* run and wickets shared around, Tommy Hawksley had a blinder against East Molesey for the U11 devvers on Saturday but unfortunately they came out the wrong side of a win, as did the U13s and U15s Thursday night and U11s and U14s last night. Its a new week, lets go again.


Thursday 26th May

U13s 41 a/o v Weybridge 42-0

Sienna Austin 11


Saturday 28th May

U11 dev 84-6 v East Molesey 85-4

Tommy Hawksley 27, Tommy Hawksley 1-3, Oscar Appleby 1-9, Leo Toogood 1-11, Robert Gannicliffe 1-20


1st XI 190 a/o v Hampton Wick 130 a/o (A)

Karthik Menon 46, Josh Jackman 4-37


2nd XI 183 a/o v Chipstead Coulsdon & Walcountians 129 a/o (H)

Greg Burton 69, Hugh Aish-Lyons 4-23


3rd XI 128-6 v Old Hamptonians 127 a/o (Hrec)

Jack Lloyd 3-25, Troy Bolger 29


4th XI 114-9 v Valley End 289-2 (A)

James Pearson 23, Mark Pulling 2-49


Sunday 29th May

U12s 119-4 v Horsley & Send 80 a/o

Kit Schofield 32 (ret)*, Archie Bailey 1-2, Enan Parmar, Josh Keefe, Alfie Meredith 1-8, Luke Woodham 1-9, Willem Warden 1-12, Kit Schofield 1-20


U11s 30 a/o v Esher 123-7

Scott Russell 11, Tommy Hawksley 2-3


League - Ladies 129-7 v South Nutfield 130-3 (A)

Katie Weston 25, Britt Measor 2-22


CPL100 - Bourne Stars 146-3 v Grove Armada 149-3

Mike Dean 57, Elliott Bloomfield 51, Hugh Aish-Lyons 1-18, Dylan Pandya 1-19, Troy Bolger 1-20, Jack Lloyd 1-35

Jacob Loveridge 80, Jacob Loveridge 1-16, Josh Hawksley 1-25, Mark Nuti 1-28


CPL100 - Gogmore Knights 122-7 v Meads Enforcers 127-4

Giles Poole 39, Jamie Anthony 1-12, Eric Osner 1-20, Cade Skelton 1-28

Mo Osman 46, Gary Porter 2-14, Joe Clarke 2-25


Wednesday 1st June

Cup - U14s 58 a/o v Guildford 60-1

Barnaby Rowe 13, Aiden Cassin 1-15


U11s 99-3 v Weybridge 101-3

Scott Russell 27* (ret), Tommy Hawksley 1-11, Charlie Grant 1-12



Fixture Card

Just a quick note for those wanting to come down the club Friday for training and/or the bar - Grove Road will be closed for a street party on Friday from 11am to 7pm. Access to the cricket club will only be available from the Longbourne Way end of Grove Road.


Today sees the seniors venture into the second round of the T20 Edward Cup down at Sutton CC. We're giant killers, so we have every faith. Catch them from 12pm.


This weekend sees the start of timed cricket for the 1s & 2s, so get your calculators and weather apps ready. The 1s are at the home of cricket taking on Worcester Park, its dodging derby day for the 2s at Epsom, the 3s will be spreading more carnage at Kingstonian, and the 4s are back at the trifle Chertsey Rec hosting Old Ruts.


Tonight in the Social League Otters 11 will be hoping to escape the clutches of Vet Labs as the feature Edward Stern match, and we also see the local derby of Chertsey Ladies & Co v Dad's Army, and we hear there are family v family in this one so should be tasty.


Across the week its a full schedule for the Colts and the Ladies, Blueberries and Butterflies are back in action hoping to continue their good form in their respective Smash Its.


Thursday 2nd June

Twenty20 Cup - Chertsey v Sutton (A) 12pm

Corner of Gander Green Lane and Cheam Road, Surrey, SM1 2EH


Social League - Vet Labs v Otters 11 (H)

Social League - Woking Council v Academy (HAbb)

Social League - Chertsey Ladies & Co v Dad's Army (HRec)


U12 dev v Egham

U15 dev v Chobham



Saturday 4th June

1st XI v Worcester Park (H) 12pm


2nd XI v Epsom (A) 12pm

Francis Schnadhorst Memorial Ground, Woodcote Road, Epsom, Surrey, KT18 7QN


3rd XI v Kingstonian (A) 1pm

Pitch 3, Old Tiffians, Grist Memorial Ground, Summer Avenue, East Molesey, KT8 9LU


4th XI v Old Rutlishians (Hrec) 1pm



Sunday 5th June

U14s v Bramley

U12s v Weybridge

U11s v Malden Wanderers

U10s v Englefield Green


Girls U13/U14 v Blackheath (Hott)


Sunday XI v Old Isleworthians (H) 2pm


Monday 6th June

U13s v East Molesey - THE MONDAY MATCH

U12 dev v Egham

U11 dev v Malden Wanderers


Wednesday 8th June

U15 dev v Woking & Horsell

U11s v Ashstead


Smash It - U9 Girls @ Pyrford


Dates for Your Diary

100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week:

12th June – Chertsey Legends Day Home v Away

13th June – Ladies Interclub Match

14th June – Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket

15th June – Chertsey XI v The Stage CC

16th June – The Social League is 25 Years Old - Babs' Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co

17th June – Colts Family Fun Evening

18th June – League Game - 1st XI v Streatham & Marlborough

19th June – Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners


26th June - CPL100 Round 2

10th July - Colts Day

17th July - President's Day

24th July - CPL100 Round 3

28th August - CPL100 Finals Day

17th September - Colts Dinner *NEW*

2nd October - Cowpat Day


We're off to raise a glass to HRH...70*