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CCC's Reintegration Into Cricket - A Word From Chairman Nuti

CCC's Reintegration Into Cricket - A Word From Chairman Nuti

4 Jul 2020

Dear all - here we go !! We have the green light ! As with all things COVID and Government related the decision has been made and we now have to wait for the HOW! The ECB will publish guidelines early next week. We will, of course, do our best to make the necessary changes to the club to facilitate whatever we have to do as soon as possible.

Please be patient we don’t know as yet what we will have to do , who can play, how many can play, what the game will look like etc...

As with everything we do your safety will be paramount in how we do this.
We won’t rush to get out there - we will make sure we get it right and make sure that all involved can easily manage the club going forward. We will then build on this as restrictions are further relaxed.

I look forward to updating you early next week when the committee has had chance to put the plan in place.

Keep safe Mark (Chairman)