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CPL Finals Day - Your Pocket Guide

CPL Finals Day - Your Pocket Guide

25 Aug 2023

CPL Finals Day - Your Pocket Guide


9.30am - CPL Breakfast Club

Come start the day early with some hearty breakfast courtesy of the Bistro. We've a long day ahead of us.

(around this time the Pirate Ship over in the corner sets sail for the Bourne Stars' last voyage - go see them off)


11.30am - Semi Final - Grove Armada v Meads Enforcers

The double-edged sword game, win this and a second game and chance for glory awaits, lose and you miss out but get to sample the best the corner has to offer. 


Post Semi Final - Mini CPL

The Mini Meads and Knee High Knights, the next generation of CPL stars, take each other on in an 8-over a side game - winners receive a bounty of prizes. 


4pm - Final - Winners of Semi v Gogmore Knights

The big one - the 7th winners of the Chertsey Premier League will be crowned, will fresh legs outdo pitch experience, will the ship have sunk in a sea of (we're sure) lovely cocktails (go for the pina colada) - time will tell. 


Post Final - Awards 

...and we've a few to give out; as well as the winners spraying stuff, we have the two MVP caps to give out - orange for bowling, and purple for batting, and our Mini CPL MVPs.


Here are the current MVP standings going into Finals Day:

Purple cap - runs

Deepak Gaikwad (Gogmore Knights) 147

Dave Risk (Gogmore Knights) 116

Jake Taylor (Bourne Stars) 110

Arthur Walmsley (Meads Enforcers) 80

Mo Osman (Meads Enforcers) 57


Orange cap - wickets

Jacob Loveridge (Gogmore Knights) 8

Jack Ogle (Gogmore Knights) 7

Joe Clarke (Bourne Stars) 6

Ciaran Dunne (Bourne Stars) 5

Will Cooper (Gogmore Knights) 5


8pm - The White Party Disco

Come and commiserate or celebrate the night away in our white-themed party, just stay away from Oops Upside Your Head - you'll be in a right state.

The Bistro, Bar, and the Pirate Ship in the corner will all be open for business throughout the day.