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Matchday Information: Monday 13th June - Ladies Interclub Match - 6pm

Matchday Information: Monday 13th June - Ladies Interclub Match - 6pm

12 Jun 2022

We hope you all enjoyed the Legends game yesterday, tonight though it's Ladies Night!


Monday 13th June - Ladies Interclub Match - 6pm/20 overs


The Ladies team have gone from strength to strength over the last ten years – from playing friendlies and softball cricket in their development to playing in the Surrey Slam and Surrey League Div 2.


They are now regularly winning matches and reached the quarter finals of the Surrey Slam competition last season. They continue to grow not only in number but also in prowess, adding three girls sections to their number in the last three years, the Butterflies, Bluebirds, and Blueberries.


This night sees a mix of sections – Blueberries, Bluebirds, and Ladies, in an epic rolling substitute interclub battle.


Here are your teams:


President's XI:

Captain: Lucy Weber


Shannen Miah

Beth Bailey

Katie Weston

Mary O'Farrell

Britt Measor

Sonia Appleby

Rosie Barnes

Olivia Henton

Edie Schofield

Lottie Sewell

Jenna van Niekirk

Lexie Fewell

Sophie Breakwell

Ria Patel

Amber West

Ellen Taylor


Chairman's XI:

Captain: Bronwyn Mayne


Carli Weston

Amy Bailey

Bonnie Edwards

Dee Douglas

Alex Schofield

Lorna Bailey

Mary Fyfe

Lilly Rowe

Freya Edwards

Sienna Austin

Lola Hubbard

Tiana Hall

Jessica McNae

Evelyn Sharp

Jessica Moseley


The bar offer of choice today is big bottles of Prosecco natch, which you can purchase for £8.50 today. Enjoy! Don't forget to collect your loyalty card from the bar and get it stamped each day to redeem your free drink for Saturday or Sunday. V. Important.


...and here's what's coming up the rest of the week:


14th June – Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket - 2.30pm

15th June – Chertsey XI v The Stage CC - 11am

16th June – The Social League is 25 Years Old - Babs' Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co - 6pm

17th June – Colts Family Fun Evening - 6pm

18th June – League Game - 1st XI v Streatham & Marlborough - 12pm

19th June – Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners - 2pm