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Matchday Information: Sunday 12th June - Chertsey Legends Home & Away - 2pm

Matchday Information: Sunday 12th June - Chertsey Legends Home & Away - 2pm

11 Jun 2022

Welcome to the 100 Years at Grove Road Cricket Week!


Strap yourself in for a week filled with fun, good cricket, and celebrating all that is Chertsey CC.


First up...


Sunday 12th June - Chertsey Legends Home & Away - 2pm/35 overs


Our first fixture is a chance for the many Chertsey legends who have graced the Edward Stern turf over the last (not 100, that would make them well old) years to do so once more. The game starts at 2pm, and will last 35 overs a-piece (don't think they can last much longer), so expect japery, and a chance to see who's still got it, as well as some absolute Chertsey legends.


The teams have changed this week more times than we've gone back to the tea for another brownie so here's the current one:



Chertsey Legends Home Team

Captain: Chenery













Collinge, D Shepherd, Ley, Bahbra (12th Men)


Chertsey Legends Away Team

Captain: Jay – Somerset


Ballerino - London

Blanchard – Northamptonshire

Clayton – Gloucestershire

Stilwell - Yorkshire

Butler - County Wicklow

Beer - Cornwall

Russell - Devon

Gibbs - Leicestershire

French - Dorset

Perks – Rowtown

Mulroy - Byfleet

Pruter - Australia (Non-travelling 12th Man)

Pearson - Norway (Team Manager)



The bar offer of choice today is Meantime, which you can purchase for £1.90 a pint. That's half price - enjoy!


...and here's what's coming up the rest of the week:


13th June – Ladies Interclub Match - 6pm

14th June – Chertsey XI v Surrey XI Walking Cricket - 2.30pm

15th June – Chertsey XI v The Stage CC - 11am

16th June – The Social League is 25 Years Old - Babs' Army v Chertsey Ladies & Co - 6pm

17th June – Colts Family Fun Evening - 6pm

18th June – League Game - 1st XI v Streatham & Marlborough - 12pm

19th June – Chertsey XI v Lords Taverners - 2pm