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Say Hello to New Chairman Redmond!

Say Hello to New Chairman Redmond!

22 Jan 2024

"I would like to start by thanking Mark for his fantastic work as Chairman over the last few years.

Leaving his role with the club in a better place than he started, and I hope I can achieve the same.
I joined the club back in the late 70s playing in the Colts teams, but my first memories of here go
back to when I was around 4 or 5 sitting on the tractor while Gordon Powell mowed the outfield.


I then continued onto the senior teams, where I was fortunate enough to be captain of the 1 st xl, the
2 nd Xl and 3 rd Xl during that time. Some of you will know I have been trying to retire for a while, but it
only takes someone to ask if I can help out! And there I am back at it!


I have spent most of my life at this club and do class it as my second home. I believe it is a great
place to grow up and has probably helped me more than I it.


I started on the committee back in the late 80s as ground and clubhouse manager and have been
involved on and off since then in various roles. I would class myself as a hands-on person and have
been involved in most improvements in and around the clubhouse over the years.


Lots more to do I hear you say, and I agree. We have great people on the committee; some new
some not so and will continue to make improvements on and off the pitch.


Every year we set out to achieve better things and this year is no different. Recently we have
invested in a borehole and new garage - both will be a big help. These things may be not an obvious
improvement but very necessary to move forward. Hopefully in the coming years some of the
improvements will be more visual.


There are a lot of people who do unsung work for this club, and I thank them all, but there is always
room for more. Please try and find a little time to help in any way, I find the more you give the more
you get back.


My goals for this year are to keep the club moving forward and to get members more involved, it is
everyone’s club so needs everyone to invest a bit of time."


Ricky Redmond, Chertsey Cricket Club Chairman