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To Parents and Guardians of Chertsey Colts 

To Parents and Guardians of Chertsey Colts 

6 Jul 2023

To Parents and Guardians of Chertsey Colts 


This is the first time we have had to communicate with you regarding the behaviour of our young players, specifically on a Friday evening. 


Whilst it remains a small group, we are having issues with governing behaviour outside of training time - misuse of equipment, destruction of property and ignoring specific requests by the Coaching Team.


Our volunteers are present to train your children to play cricket, and to a degree discipline if required during training sessions.Behaviour of the children before and after their training session is your responsibility as parents and guardians. 


Having signed your child(ren) up to play with and for Chertsey Cricket Club, you have committed to upholding the Code of Conduct (attached) - we rely on you to support our rules, guidelines and Health & Safety requirements to ensure the safety and welfare of your children. 


Please ensure

  • Your child(ren) stays on the patio until the age group coach signals they are ready to start.  
  • Once your session has finished, please show respect for those still training and remain off the outfield. 
  • The orange fencing is there to keep balls from coming in and to stop colts wandering into hardball training. Please don’t climb over or under it. 
  • The ditch along the side of the grounds is not safe to play in, please do not allow your child(ren) to play in there.
  • The screens, nets and pitch covers are NOT playground equipment, and should not be climbed on. 
  • Your child(ren) to remove any rubbish from the nets after use
  • Siblings and non-training children/ visitors should not be on the outfield at anytime before or during training and all the same rules above apply to them at all times also.


Going forwards - if children are not adhering to our guidelines and having to be repeatedly spoken to by a member of the Club Committee, Staff or Coaches, we will introduce a strike system -  

Asked twice - one strike 

Asked three times - parents spoken to by the Safeguarding Officer or Colts Lead 

Asked four times - training and match play privileges will be revoked. 


Instances that are deemed severe enough to be reported to the Colt Lead or Safeguarding Officer will be dealt with accordingly, such as intentional destruction of club equipment and property, or exceeding the five warnings above.



Our wish is that everyone enjoys themselves in a harmonious way, but health & safety and general good behaviour is required to ensure this happens. 






Kind Regards, 


Chertsey Cricket Club Committee